Styles for Short Haired Brides

by Karen

Regardless of whether you have short or long hair, your wedding day should be like a fairy tale. As previously mentioned in our last post, short hair, including bobs and wavy styles, are becoming on most face shapes and are just as popular and pretty as their traditionally longer counterparts.
Main short hair styles include:
  • Bob
  • Pixie
  • Asymmetrical
  • Boyish haircut (best suited for ladies with more protruding features or larger eyes, such as Liza Minnelli)
  • Wedge
In order to accentuate short haircuts, we offer the following advice:
• Since we belong to the vintage crew, we can’t help but mention the ever classy bobbed waves. These styles take hardly any time at all, and you can do them yourself on the big day.
• Save your money for your wedding, as short haircuts require far less styling products. A little bit goes a long way.
• Spend time doing what you love rather than doing your hair. Drying and styling are cut in half with shorter cuts.
• Make several waves of different lengths or on different parts of your head. Hold this look in place with hair spray, pomade, or wax.
• Be careful when using wax or pomade, as these product make leave you with a greasy feel or look. Try the glazing effect of a high quality hair spray.
• Those going for the pixie or glazed bob should definitely experiment with natural flowers, as they look especially great with short haircuts.
• For all of our lovers of the boho or hippie look, wavy hairstyles with a wreath and wedding veil look remarkable.
Check out the vintage combs and headbands in our vintage style headpiece section
The hairclips with the Swarovski crystals can also be found here and look exceptional with short wedding haircuts, especially those with curls at the nape of the neck.
If you unsatisfied with all shorter hairstyles, don’t be afraid to use weaves or extensions to get the look you desire. A common trick is to have some, but not all, of your hair colored. Then add fresh flowers to complete the look.
If you purchased your wedding headpieces at, may we add that glazed and smooth haircuts look great with tiny pieces, whereas waves look best with big combs, clips, or headbands.
If you have 4’’ to 5’’ length locks, consider curls and waves. This length is superb for hair combs. Try out various veils and headpieces until you are completely satisfied with your style .
Various veils and headpieces
Headpieces in white
One thing you can be sure of, vintage style wedding dress always look amazing with any type of short haircut.
We hope these last few postings will help you as you plan the details of your dream wedding. Whether you opt for a long or short style, you can look red carpet ready with your sparkling smile and flawless hairstyle!

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