In the Style of Old Hollywood Stars

by Karen

The new Winter–Fall (12/13) Collection by Nataya was released as a look book recently. We also attached a video example of Old Hollywood glam to one of our previous posts. The new dresses by Nataya do look “Old Hollywoodish” but that doesn’t mean you will not find the proper models and styles in the current Summer 2012 collection or among the top sellers.
Old Hollywood style dresses

We are here to help you find the perfect Old Hollywood styles. If you plan a wedding in the theme of Old Hollywood, you should check one of our most visited posts — “Best Vintage-Inspired Ideas for Weddings: Old Hollywood Wedding.” There we share the best dresses for Old Hollywood wedding. Nevertheless, the number of dresses on has rapidly increased, and some have sold out. Thus, we will now look at the most wanted dresses that are still on sale. The types of occasions for which these dresses are suitable may also vary. You may choose to wear apparel by Nataya for the matinee, a high society evening event, official or informal banquets, prom parties or other themed youth formals. You may also find the perfect gowns for mothers of the bride, maids of honor and brides inspired by Old Hollywood. Choose your type of event and let’s have a glimpse at different apparel options styled according to Old Hollywood. The Nataya Victorian Informal Gown in beige is still available. This gown may be really good apparel for Old Hollywood-styled premier nights or Old Hollywood-themed formals. The two vertical seams of the model slightly smooth your overall silhouette, and you will not have to worry about an uneven hip line because the asymmetric style of the dress will camouflage such issues.
Nataya Victorian Informal Gown in beige
You cannot do Old Hollywood-styled banquettes and Old Hollywood-styled evenings without the following model in blue and black. If you are a sister of the bride or a guest of honor for an evening event, a better choice may be the black model. We sincerely recommend the blue model for prom parties and evening balls when there will be good exposure to sun or light.
Old Hollywood-styled in blue
A good dress to express gravitas fat an Old Hollywood-styled matinee or for mothers of the bride is the 40116 Nataya Dress. The breezy style and silhouette may conceal your true age as well as any figure flaws or size issues. It looks really airy, and the Old Hollywood style of the gown will support the look of the chosen affair quite well.
Old Hollywood-styled matinee
The modest 1940s style set in black and white may be combined with: • a vintage-inspired bolero • an elegant Nataya Chiffon Skirt • and shell
Modest 1940s style set in black and white
The most recommended affairs for this dress are the evening matinee, an Old Hollywood-styled wedding (bridesmaids’ apparel) and informal Old Hollywood-themed parties. This look really brings back memories of Vivienne Leigh and the golden 1930s–1940s era of Old Hollywood. The Nataya Tango Dress is an excellent choice for Old Hollywood-inspired brides. This apparel goes with such events like nothing else, and it recalls the late 1920s.
1930s–1940s era of Old Hollywood
The Winter Oscar Dress really lives up to its given name. This style of dress does go well with evening occasions such as the premier of a retro-style movie or retro-style matinee. You may also include this style of dress on a list of “bridesmaids’ must haves” if you are planning a semi-sepia or semi-grey/semi-color photo shoot.
Old Hollywood style dresses winter
We probably love Old Hollywood and the 1920s–1940s era because we are all romantic-minded ladies. The following 1940s-inspired tango dresses will remind others of the tango fashions of the late 1930’s–early 1940’s, as well as the look of well-known Argentinean First Lady Evita Perón. The two-color model is suitable for dancing events and retro-style evening affairs. The black dress is suitable mostly for sepia photo shoots and retro-styled premier nights.
1940s-inspired tango dresses
1940s-inspired tango dresses in black
If you cannot are not keen on the girlish Old Hollywood style but prefer the androgynous style of Old Hollywood celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich or Katharine Hepburn, you may easily combine your Old Hollywood Trouser Set with: • the Titanic Jacket in black • the aforementioned shell • and black palazzos.
Titanic Jacket in black
The Palazzo Pants in ivory and the new Nataya top form a perfect Old Hollywood-styled set for alternative brides who would love to wear pants instead of classic skirts or girlish gowns.


Palazzo Pants in ivoryWe are glad to inform you that all the mentioned styles are still available this spring. Hurry and choose your style and colors because some of the aforementioned apparel may not be available in the summer.

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