In the Style of Neo-Vintage: The Dresses of Nataya

by Karen

Neo-vintage trends represent past romance. This past romance can be expressed in shoes, apparel and accessories styled according to the past epochs. The silhouettes are clearly “read” in every item and in every outfit. Although we realize that this set or that set only seems to be vintage-inspired, each set was actually inspired by some unique epoch. In other words, we observe the newly born model and silhouette.
Nataya informal dress in white

(Nataya informal dress)

That is what stylists used to call neo-vintage. Many “red carpeteers” follow neo-vintage trends: • Christina Aguilera is the gal who reminds us of the pinup epoch and the new look of the late 1940s. Yet sometimes she prefers to wear flapper gowns. Nonetheless, we have seen her wear nothing but neo-vintage apparel over the past few years. • Sarah Jessica Parker reminds us of the mid-1950s. She found her style in classic full skirts. • Scarlett Johansson always shows off mambo-inspired gowns by D&G that are styled after the 1950s. This style hides the famous figure issues of the actress quite well. • Dita von Teese is a vamp gal in the New Look by Dior. She often wears classic Paris black apparel, including pencil skirts – the very style that brought fame to Christian Dior. • Duffy shows the perfect sense of 1960s-inspired fashion. • Other celebrities may also represent the styles of past epochs. The vintage style or, more exactly, neo-vintage style cannot be created without thinking of all the details. So, you must pick shoes, jewelry and any other accessories very carefully. Neo-vintage brings you to the days of Sense and Sensibility and probably retro luxury as well. All these dresses were designed in our day, but if you want to play a role of your granny, Nataya dresses will help you.
Nataya Neo-vintage dress

(Nataya Neo-vintage dress)

The dresses inspired by grannies and grand grannies represent Nataya’s signature style. In the new collection, as well as in the previous ones, you may discover the style of past epochs for prom or cocktail parties; jazz or Victorian weddings; the perfect retro style outfits for your bridesmaids; and, definitely, vintage-style gowns for the mother of the bride or groom. If you get acquainted with the creative work of Nataya, you may describe her style as vintage style for romantic ladies. The stylized design of corsets or old-fashioned crinoline skirts instead of the full skirts and real corsets truly make her style luxurious and multi-functional. Playful details and neo-vintage elements complete the look of any lady who has worn her apparel.
Empire dress by Nataya

(The Empire dress by Nataya)

Neo-vintage romance is the perfect description of the dresses by Nataya for the coming spring. Romantic pink, peach, beige and fuchsia colors are dominating in Nataya’s Spring 2012 Collection. The warm (earth) colors and vibrant fuchsia shades are perfect to catch all eyes. Such colors will make all spring days really memorable, let alone the summer ones. 


Vintage dress ballerina

(ballerina )

Because Nataya’s apparel is multi-functional, the same apparel can be worn for different occasions. The breezy fabrics and romantic lines can be seen in all the new spring styles by Nataya. Gentleness is the keyword for the new collection of the vintage-style dresses. The dresses are available in four lengths: long, midi, tea length and short (over-knee dresses). Most dresses may be recognized as the perfect Titanic-inspired dresses (also the signature of the designer) and different dresses styled according to the trends of the past 1920s.
1920s vintage style dress

(vintage style dress)

The key piece of the collection is probably the best-selling Great Gatsby Dress in ash/rose, which will be available soon. The airy fabrics used by the designer for her new models make the dress’ wearer feel comfortable on any day of spring and summer. All the vintage-style wedding dresses are begging to be worn for beach wedding ceremonies. The Treasure of Mermaid’s Collection attracts with its colors, vintage lines and new silhouettes mainly inspired by the 1910s–1920s. The tender fabrics intensify the madness of the modern and glam of the past.
Nataya spring 2012

(Nataya spring 2012)

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Nataya always surprises her fans with her newly released dresses, reminding us of the silhouettes of the past. You may wear some sets and look like an opera or ballet celebrity of the past. Other gowns may express the luxury seen James Cameron’s Titanic. Some sets may represent the Roaring Twenties or the same period in which the art deco or Art Nouveau style flourished. The designer got involved in opera and ballet during her teenage years, and that has influenced her design ever since. Gals of regular and plus sizes feel free and romantic if they have worn her gowns. The eclectic and romantic style of Nataya has become the choice for alternative brides.

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