Steampunk Wedding Ideas

by Karen

How would you describe yourself? Are you a rebel? Do you, as the song lyrics suggest, go your own way? That is perfect. There is a movement that offers an outlet for your alternative nature without sacrificing your awesome style. Consider these steampunk wedding ideas just for you on your big day. First, let’s go over what steampunk is. Steampunk is a society or group that incorporates the most beautiful vintage clothing from the late 1800s and early 1900s with relics of the industrial age and technology from today to complete a unique outfit. Think about it as the past Victorian era meets a futuristic time period. I tend to think it could have been the Victorian era meets Mad Maxx. Sometimes items as simple as pocket watches can start someone down the road to steampunk style. From there, ladies and gentlemen alike add more metal items such as cogs, gears, aviation goggles, and even gas masks. Steam punk fashion is for all ages and can even transfer into home decorating.


With all of this in mind, let’s look at a few steam punk wedding ideas. Sometimes just wearing a dress that is not the traditional white is rebellious enough. But for the steampunk wedding, it is not the color of the dress that sets up the attire; it is the time period the dress comes from. At the we have several dresses that can be used to get you started with this futuristic fantasy style. We will start with these –
Steampunk Wedding Ideas - 4007 Party Dress by Nataya
Steampunk Wedding Ideas
Steampunk Wedding Ideas in white
Steampunk Wedding Ideas
These vintage Titanic, Downton Abbey, and great Gatsby style dresses could be paired up with a few of these accessories to create an imaginative start to your wedding day.
Titanic, Downton Abbey, and great Gatsby style dresses
Steampunk Wedding Ideas


Looking at some of the gadgets and accessories used to build the right look is just as easy. First, let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. What should you wear on your feet? Well, the choices are endless here. Considerations of thigh high trooper boots to metal adorned heels to riding boots accessorized with brass chains. These options would be out of place with the above dresses in any other theme, but for the steam punk bride they are just right. Now move up the body to the waistline. How would you enhance this area? For me, I would wear a belt made of leather with a buckle make from a distressed gear. On the belt I might include a few rustic pouches. I might think about a jacket or tunic to wear over my dress too. Or, scratch the belt and jacket altogether and wear a leather corset. Moving on, don’t forget the jewelry. Choosing the right pieces here can nearly complete the look. Go with what some might consider ‘gaudy’. Chunky rings that draw attention and large pendants around the neck. Choose maybe a rope and brass bracelet. Don’t forget to pick out a hat. The steampunk theme is a head to toe look. Tie the hat back to the rest of your outfit. Feathers can help to soften the metal of the rest of the look. Or keep up the metallic all the way to your headdress.

Venue and Decoration Ideas

Where do you think the best location for a steampunk wedding would be? In my mind, I would combine a classic garden party with this theme wedding. Consider a park or botanical garden when choosing a venue. The outdoors is a great place to display other steampunk themed items as decoration. Here are a few ideas for decorating on your wedding day.

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