Steampunk themed wedding

by Karen

We’ve been sharing ideas for weddings themes for quite some time now, but it’s been a while since our last post regarding themed wedding trends. Today, we revisit this hot topic and discuss weddings with a steampunk theme.


The best way to describe this hot, new trend is to list the elements that combine to give it its unique appeal. Steampunk can be defined as a mixture of gothic Victorian and punk, often using classic ivory pastel colors. White is often a primary color with black accents, and most steampunk dresses combine a corset style dress with a full-skirted bottom. We’d like to give you a glimpse into Nataya’s bestselling line for steampunk weddings.

Bridal Gowns

The Dahlia White Vintage Wedding Dress is a classy couture dress with an accentuated waist and is perfect for steampunk themed weddings. To make this couture dress look really steampunk, pair it with navy shoes and a navy hat or black shoes and black cylinder hat. You may also add the white veil to a cylinder hat to complete your punk look. Another option is to add a long veil to our Lady Mary derby.
Dahlia White Vintage Wedding Dress

If you love this dress but aren’t a fan of the ivory color, try the Dahlia in peach. This punk style couture dress will look great with a peach bowler hat and peach pumps. However, we recommended paring this dress with silver grey pumps and silver grey bowler hat overlaid with an apricot veil for a truly steampunk appeal. 

As with most couture dresses, you may be experiencing sticker shock at the prices. Check out the next two models that are just as steampunk yet still very unique and affordable. If you love the Dahlia dress in white but need to save cash, another fantastic option is the Lady of the Forest Dress, which also comes in ivory. This dress looks perfect with a black bowler or cylinder hat with a white veil on top. Pair it with black pumps to complete the look.

Lady of the Forest Dress
For non-ivory lovers, we recommend the bubble-bottomed dress, which comes in pink and tea shades. The semi-corset style of the dress and the bubble bottom make it so steampunk! To add more steam, play around with ruby or black accessories, such as shoes and Victorian inspired derby hats.


Bridesmaids Dresses

Here is the small selection bridesmaids dresses that will fit in with the steampunk theme. Most of these dresses will pair well with a bowler hat. The following Empire Dress will look amazing with a steampunk cylinder hat in berry or ruby colors. Choose Victorian or Edwardian style boots, such as pin toe booties on midi heels. Unfortunately, the lavender combination is out of stock, but berry shades look more steampunk anyway.

The porcelain Victorian style is reflected in the following dress as well. The Blue Pampered Doll Dress is perfect for lovers of short lengths. The best accessory for the dress is a mustard or blue bowler hat with Victorian inspired shoes or midi heels in the same color as the dress.

Victorian inspired dress in blue
And finally, we will introduce our newest arrival, the Vintage Style Cocktail Gown. For the brides who want their bridesmaids in adorned in a Victorian gothic look, this dress will not disappoint! It pairs wonderfully with a choker and Victorian inspired black cylinder hat.
Vintage Style Cocktail Gown in black
We hope that you find this advice helpful as you plan your wedding. We sincerely wish you a whimsical steampunk wedding!

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