Splendid Combination of Colors for Vintage Wardrobes Part II

by Karen

Now we are continuing our color combination guidance in order to help you select the best colors for your wardrobe. Last time, we stopped at the best color combinations for red vintage-style dresses, but now we will consider the rest of the rainbow.


Vintage-style dresses in white

Beloved Yellow

You should be more than careful with all yellow shades and colors. It is a bright and very attractive color, but if it reflects yellow onto your face, you may appear unhealthy to others. That’s why yellow doesn’t go well with every kind of skin. It goes best with matte, non-glossy skin types.
Chinese style outfit in yellow

(chinese style outfit)

Yellow harmonizes perfectly with brown, green and golden shades. Red colors such as rose, pink, and wine are not the best colors to pair with yellow shades.

Beloved Orange

Orange is considered the color of prosperity and wealth. Many people associate it with feelings of pleasure and fun. But this color is not a good choice for projecting the image of a business lady.

Orange goes great with ultra-marine colors as well as green, sky blue, white, lilac, mauve, violet and brown.

Beloved Brown

If you want your outfit to appear well thought out, you must follow the rules of color combination. Brown looks best on those with “chocolate” heads, particularly on gals with hazelnut-colored eyes and olive or darker skin. Chocolate and brown make you look trustworthy, and they encourage others to be frank with you.
Golden brown lace bolero

(golden brown lace bolero)

Lighter shades of brown include rust, clay, brick earth, and beige. Such colors are considered neutral. They perfectly harmonize with any shade of gray, green or olive, and vintage-style dresses in such colors may be worn on many different types of occasions. Nonetheless, wine, pink, berry or other red colors won’t pair well with brown hues.

Beloved Grey

Gray is calm and sometimes non-attractive. Still, this color has one great trick — it controls the other colors and shades of your set, and, thus, it suitably emphasizes your appearance. If you want to perform in front of many people, a vintage-style dress in gray is just what the doctor ordered.
victorian style outfit chiffon outfit in grey

(chiffon outfit in grey)

If you have doubts about wearing dresses in bright and vibrant colors, you should wear gray elements as well. These elements go well with many different looks.
Nataya jacket with baroque sleeves in grey

(Nataya jacket with baroque sleeves)

Vintage style dress in grey

(Vintage style dress in grey)

Classic gray is very elegant. This shade pairs especially well with blue, sky blue, black, green, berry, red and yellow. But the “duet” of white and grey usually looks boring.

Beloved Black

Black is good for both business ladies and romantic gals. This color does attract the opposite sex, and it is the spread color for many retro-style dresses and evening events.
retro-style dresses in black

Black pairs perfectly with red. It also goes well with orange, yellow, lavender, mauve, pink and lime.

Beloved White

White is the color of innocence. It is the best color of all for making contrasts or for accentuating a particular part of your body or wardrobe. Black and white always go well together, even in an informal wedding dress.


Vintage style wedding dress in white


(vintage style wedding dress in white)

Vintage style wedding dress in white

(vintage style wedding dress in white)

The bride in black and white will look natural at any time of the year. Still, you should take into account the fact that this color combination makes the figure look plumper.

Finally, we recommended that you use white, gray and black as accent colors.

Beloved Violet

Violet mixed with orange, white, yellow or pink will convey an air of mystery. Psychologists claim that violet is the color of the temptress.
Boho style outfit in violet

(boho style outfit in violet)

Vintage style dress in violet

(vintage style dress in violet)

Beloved Lavender and Mauve

Mauve results from the combination of two energetic colors, namely, blue and red. Many psychologists claim that mauve shades evoke nostalgia, which is probably why there are so many vintage-style dresses in these shades. Lilac, mauve and lavender “get along well together.” These colors also go great with berry, red-pink, dark blue, silver, yellow and sky blue. Sometimes these colors may pair well with different shades of brown.
Lavender babydoll dress

(lavender babydoll dress)

Beloved Turquoise Turquoise is the symbol of truth, and psychologists claim that this color also provokes interest to communication. This color makes a person calm (just like green), and it creates a relaxing effect. Turquoise looks great on dark-haired and fair-haired gals.
Nataya corset style top in blue

(Nataya corset style top)

Turquoise and white will make you stand you out in a crowd of other fashionistas. It makes tender blondes into mystic temptresses, whereas dark-haired gals will look great in turquoise vintage-style dresses if they have indigo-black hair and golden brown leather accessories.

Beloved Beige

Pastel, caramel, purple and beige shades are present in the collections of all the top brands. The mix of beige colors helps ladies put forth a dramatic, touching and sexy appearance.
Nataya vintage style dress in beige

(Nataya vintage style dress in beige)

If you do not want your beige set to look too boring, you may emphasize it with accessories in a leopard print. Beige goes great with denim clothes of any shade. This combination adds a ray of light to the overall silhouette as well.


We hope that you have found these tips very helpful. Use them in your wardrobe now and in the future in order to look your best.

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