Splendid Color Combinations for Your Vintage Wardrobe: Part I

by Karen

Making sure that you have the best color combinations in your wardrobe is one of the most important rules you should follow if you strongly intend to look great and neat in any situation. It’s not a secret that we all have 2–3 beloved colors, and our wardrobes are full of these colors. We have already posted about the most beloved colors and their psychological meanings. Now, let us think seriously about the colors themselves. We all know our beloved colors, and we probably have some ideas about their hidden meanings. However, that does not mean we always pair colors wisely. If you know the basic rules of color combinations, you will look splendid, attractive and high class, which will definitely lead to your success. Let’s return to the psychology of color. This time, let’s focus not on your personality but on the views of others because our current goal is to look attractive and, thus, to be viewed positively in the eyes of others.

The Best Color Combinations

Although getting the right color combinations is no easy task, having the right color combination skills is a necessity in today’s world. As a basic rule of thumb, the basic color combinations should serve as the base for your vintage style wardrobe, especially when it comes to vintage-style dresses. Successful color combinations will make you look fabulous in the eyes of others even if you are an ordinary clerk in an unknown company! Some commonly paired colors include: These color pairs always catch every eye and take the breath away because these pairs look very rich and bright on everyone. If you pair the shades of these colors right, these colors will please the eyes of friends, family and acquaintances. Now let’s consider your most beloved colors and their meanings more closely. Use the following guide to find out which shades will pair best with your favorite colors.

Beloved Blue

Psychologists claim that this is the color of power and that it is beyond passions. Nevertheless, blue tends to be a rare color in most wardrobes. So, you should take special care when it comes to the shades of this color as well as the colors you pair with it. The combination of blue and lilac or mauve is considered the most successful combination, as well as the most pleasing blue color combination to the eye. 

Vintage inspired dress in blue

(vintage inspired dress in blue)

Vintage style top in blue

(vintage style top)

All shades of blue make your eyes relax. Blue colors are also good for your image if you are a business lady. It may sound strange, but light blue colors may look great in combination with red, yellow, white or gray. It may also harmonize well with olive or golden hues. Heed this warning, however: the aforementioned shades of blue will hardly look great with pink, green or brown.
Vintage style set in blue color
It is well known that green has a positive influence on your mood and health, as most shades of this color may help ease your stress or put you in an optimistic frame of mind. Psychologists associate the color green with stability, whereas many people associate this color with youth. Unfortunately, many people do not get green color combinations right. So, if you are going to a business meeting, forget about green-colored trousers.


Vintage style titanic dress


(vintage style titanic dress)

Nataya romantic style dress in green

(Nataya romantic style dress in green)

Bohemian style outfit in green

(bohemian style outfit in green)

This color is rather romantic. Thus, shades of green look splendid when paired with purple and violet. Of course, this color may look great with both brunettes and blondes (unnatural blondes whose natural season color type is spring or fall).
Vintage style short length dress

(vintage style short length dress)

Beloved Red

We have dedicated a ton of posts to red colors and vintage-style dresses in red. Although dominating red will improve your mood, it “squeezes” the owners of red apparel more than other colors do. That’s why stylists do not recommend that you wear this color constantly. However, it is good to wear vintage-style dresses in red if you are attending an affair where you need to emphasize your personality and sexuality.
Vintage style empire dress in red

(vintage style dress)

vintage style tango dress in red

(vintage style tango dress)

The inclusion of dominating wine red, pink, berry or charcoal berry in your wardrobe shows off your perfect sense of style. Combining pink with paler shadows of pink or pink with intense berry colors is not for the business lady at all. If you cannot imagine your wardrobe without pink, you won’t regret it if you purchase dresses in ash-rose colors or shades of smoky pink.

Dresses in ash-rose colors

Red color goes perfectly with many other colors. It looks great with green, blue, gray, violet, golden yellow and, definitely, black. But pure red will hardly go well with terracotta, orange, brown or red-yellow shades.

To be continued in part II

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