Special Occasions are Happening - Here's What to Wear

by Karen

What kind of special occasions are happening in the next few months that you will have to be ready for? Well, there are military balls, weddings, Thanksgiving, and holiday parties galore. Don’t be the one that feels out of place and under dressed at these gatherings. Because special occasions are happening, here's what to wear. We have the greatest complete outfits for all your special occasion needs. And if you order something now you will be eligible for a great discount.   Military Balls. Veterans Day falls on November 11th each year and several branches of the armed services sponsor military balls during this month as well. This is a grand event and time for the civilian counterparts and significant others of service men and women celebrate. Soldiers wear their dress uniforms and their dates get dressed to at. Here are a few choices that would be perfect, should you get invited to one of these black-tie affairs.
Vintage long dress                  Military Balls  
Vintage Long Dress in Sage
Military Balls 
Weddings. It is a magical time of year. Lots of holidays are crashing into each other and in all the madness, some couples have planned their weddings. For months they have been just hoping to get in on the fun with a wedding in the winter. Cold weather winter attire is easy to find, if you know what you are looking for. Here are some great dresses and gowns for winter nuptials. And, if the couple is planning on anything outdoors we have excellent coats and outerwear to keep you warm.
Vintage Lavender Weddings            Vintage Fashion Dress
Sue wong vintage weddings dress 
Thanksgiving. Well, with it being November, you are no doubt scouring through your cookbooks and searching for recipes online for the perfect feast for all your friends and family. Don’t forget about searching for the perfect clothes to wear to dinner too. What you, the hostess, wears to the dinner can be just as important as the food you serve. We have lots of great options that will have you feeling thankful you didn’t have to step one foot in the mall or department store. Here are a couple to consider.
ThanksgivingThanksgiving vintage dressVintage Long DressVintage Fashion Dress


Holiday Parties. And, this is our favorite, isn’t it? There aren’t many times throughout the year to get all decked out, but this is one of them; and it is the most fun. Opening gifts and giving joy to one another, or ringing in the New Year; this is the most wonderful time of the year – to quote a Christmas carol from long ago. The snow may be falling in some places making for magical nights. Or you might stay inside, and be gathered around a warm fireplace. However your holidays are spent, we have what you need to help make the season brighter. Check out these fun holiday dress ensembles.

Holiday Parties vintage dress Holiday Parties
Holiday Parties sue Wong short dress Holiday Parties
Sue wong grey dress Holiday Parties
Discount. We don’t do this too often, so don’t miss out. For a limited time, the WardobeShop.com is offering a fabulous 10% off all orders. Just enter discount code THX4RDNG when placing your order. With all these special occasions happening, this should make shopping for yourself this holiday season more fun!

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