The Short-Length Vintage by Nataya

by Karen

When we say vintage, we imagine something styled according to a fairy tale or Old Hollywood. At the same time, any of the dresses that we imagine can hardly be called short.
Old Hollywood. vintage white dress
The dress models we may think about can be made of lace or tulle in tender, vivid colors. Sometimes, we even imagine these dresses in very dark or even gothic colors. Nevertheless, most of the dresses that we imagine may be described as tea- or long-length dresses. But let us ask this question: Why must informal dresses be of long, semi-ankle, tea and medium lengths? Today, we introduce you to Nataya's dresses in various short lengths including the knee or over-the-knee styles that are vintage in appearance despite their informal lengths. Nataya's Embroidered Top and her Georgette Skirt form a perfect Old Hollywood-styled duet. This vintage-style outfit retains its classic appearance even though the skirt is knee length.
Old Hollywood-styled duet
Nataya's Vintage Skirt pairs perfectly with the Rockabilly Top by Nataya. The 2-piece outfit will look truly rockabilly, and the 1940s-inspired look won’t be spoiled with the knee length of the duet.
Rockabilly Top by Nataya
The first vintage style to have brought short length into the world of fashion was definitely the flapper-style silhouette. In the mid 1920s, the over-the-knee length silhouette appeared, and the Nataya brand keeps vintage-style traditions and flapper-style dresses alive for prom girls.
vintage style dresses in short length
Even empire-style dresses may look great in short length, as the sexy Empire Dress by Nataya demonstrates. Does it look out of date? We think not.
empire-style dresses by nataya
If empire styles can exist and look great in short length, then it is not surprising that baroque-style dresses can do so as well. The Baroque-Style Dress by Nataya is knee length, but you will feel more than just comfortable wearing it for any informal-style event.
Baroque-Style Dress by NatayaNataya Vintage Skirts in red and lemon green express a bohemian flair in a short length. If the bohemians of the past would have known that there was a way to express their love of freedom in dresses of short length, they would have definitely been the first to have worn such extreme lengths.
Nataya Vintage Skirts in lemon green
The Romantic Summer Dress in green is still available in many sizes. It expresses spring romance and reawakening of nature, and it may make you look shiny and happy even on the gloomiest or rainiest day.
Romantic Summer Dress in green
Blue and black Vintage-Style Dresses by Nataya are godsends for couples who will celebrate either a mob- (gangster) or Old Hollywood-style wedding. This vintage-style dress may also look like a flapper style outfit even though it has a standard waist.
Vintage-Style Dresses by Nataya in blue
Another boho-style creative solution by Nataya is Nataya Dress AL-6005. The price and the number of sizes available continue to please most customers. The same thing can be said about Nataya Dress AL-6002. It looks splendid on passionate gals who adore red colors and vintage-style dresses.
Boho-style by Nataya in green
This list of short vintage styles is not complete because we have just listed the bestsellers by Nataya and the new arrivals by the fabulous fashion designer. Sooner or later, however, the new collections will appear, and many ladies will be able to choose other vintage-style dresses in short lengths.

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