How to Shop for Vintage Clothing

by Karen

A girl with a fully developed vintage wardrobe is easy to spot. She carries colors from every era, lace at her throat and cute button shoes. If you want to have that iconic look so many Etsy-esque lovers have found, follow these tips to making your wardrobe filled with vintage clothing delights.

Look for Versatile Items: While you must have those dynamic and unique vintage items, shop for vintage clothing that can be used in a multitude of ways. This doesn’t mean you have to follow certain guidelines. Think about what you wear most in a week. Dresses? Skirts? Separates? These things are easily translated into vintage style that you can use for various occasions. This Titanic dress below is a prime example of a dress that allows for formal occasions but can also go to occasional dinner parties, luncheons, and picnics with an antique allure.

Vintage Fashion Titanic dress Look for Versatile Items
Don’t Be Afraid to Try Separates: We’ve said it many times and we’ll say it again: we love separates! Every era since their invention (we guess around the 1940’s for women) they’ve been a part of everyday life and style. Vintage clothing should never be one type. A real vintage wardrobe will have versatility.
Vintage Fashion Wardrobe
Don’t Be Afraid to Try Separates
Make the Most of Your Money: We want you to have quality. If you get most of your vintage clothing from an authentic vintage store, be careful of the era. With older dresses, Victorian and Titanic style, an old vintage dress will either be too old or won’t fit right. And if you shop for vintage at thrift stores, you’ll get more bang for your buck but you may need to alter or compromise on the style (unless you tend to like mid nineties fashion, that is!)
Lady Of The Forest Wedding Dress in Ivory by Nataya
Make the Most of Your Money
Make Sure it Fits: Don’t buy clothes that don’t fit. It’s not good practice in any way. If you are purchasing online, there are always measurement charts to ensure that you’re getting the right fit. Sending something back or returning may be a hassle, so make sure you’re buying something that will be your go-to vintage clothing for a lifetime. Don’t Buy Just Anything: We know it’s tempting to grab everything off the racks when you find the right style. While vintage clothing requires creativity, you must envision what you truly want and how often you will wear it. We’ve had too many shopping sprees that land unique items which sit in the closet, waiting to be worn. The right dress, with it’s specific occasion in mind, is always better—especially for vintage clothing.
Sue Wong Vintage Dress in blue 
Don’t Buy Just Anything
What defines vintage clothing? If you want different eras, check out the “party dresses” section of the website and it lays each style into a direct category for you. With hundreds of years to choose from, you should be able to find a few vintage romantic blends that make you feel like a fairy princess, or a regal queen. What style would you wear?

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