Shoes, shoes, shoes – I have an obsession

by Karen

I don’t know about you ladies, but I will admit to having more shoes, shoes, shoes – I have an obsession. I don’t know when it started but few things in life make me happier. So, I thought I would devote an entire entry to these wonderful joys. What are your favorite shoes? Mine are the highest of high heels that are metallic gold and silver. This pair makes me stand almost six feet tall and I love it. They are my only pair of heels that are this tall. The rest of my closet is mostly pumps of about three inches. But, I have all different styles and colors and fabrics. If only I could buy stock in a shoe company, I would be set for life. Vintage blue shoes
I think it works like this; where else can you find so many ways to express different moods, a personality, or just something that makes you happy? In my life, with all the hats I wear, it is great to show something that is truly just for me, even if it has been banished to my feet. My collection often exceeds the boundaries of my closet. And, yes, my husband complains. When this happens I have thoughts of taking a picture of his tool area and showing him we have similar problems and suggesting a bigger house. But then, I come to my senses and find another place to store my precious shoes. Some people collect dolls, others stamps; for me, I need shoes! They make me happy. So, when I run out of room in one closet, I have been known to throw up a few shelves on the walls of my basement. I am told I have the basement of a prepper, except it is all shoes. There will be no bare feet should the world stop spinning, I will clothe them all. And, you may ask, what shoes am I eyeballing right now. Well there are several pairs that are on our website that I don’t have yet. I really am partial to two in particular; the peacock pumps and the white cowboy princess romantic bridal boots. For months I have been watching these two pair like a lioness stalking her prey. I will have them, soon.
White cowboy princess romantic bridal boots Shoes, shoes, shoes!
The has lots more styles and colors to choose from, these are just my favorites. So tell me about your shoe obsession. Post a picture of your hoard. I would love to hear from you! Tell me about your collection of flats, ballet slippers, stilettos, boots, wedges. Which shoes from our site get you excited to be a lady.

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