Shapes of Women: Rectangle

by Karen

This week in the Shapes of Women series, part of our new Know This Monday blog, I want to talk about the rectangle or column shape. Some ladies seem to suffer through this shape while others are downright jealous of those with it. I think you would be shocked that this the second most common shape among the younger generation. But, they lose this shape as they age, it seems. Women of this build tend not to have a defined waist. They may have a smaller bust and backside as well. Not sure where the problem is here! Can you tell I am no the shape of rectangle?! Clothing just seems to almost hang on them. Well, there are ways to dress with this body type that will accentuate the positives. First, choose whether or not you want to flaunt your model-like shape. To do this simply wear clothes that are straight up and down. Think straight line skirts and trousers. Long jackets and sweaters without a defined waist are great in the winter.

Or if you would like, you can add some curves to your body. I just wrote a piece on underclothes helping to make your clothes fit better. The one about bras is coming back for this body type. In order to create a bigger chest and thereby a waistline, you can try a pushup bra. Another way to increase the illusion of a bigger bust is to wear blouses with pockets. By doing this, it will give the illusion of having a more curvy top. To add curves to the bottom, choose A line skirts. Or, if wearing pants, consider a tapered leg. Wide belts also help to create a waist when really there isn’t one. However, please note that if you truly do not have a waistline of any kind, do not tighten up a belt trying to create one. It is better to go without in this case. The picture below gives a few more options for making curves. Check out the way the skirt on the first model flares at the waist; and the second model's shirt does the same thing. The third model is showing quite a bit of flare in that dress, but it distracts the eye from the straight up and down shape of her body. Like I have said before, try on everything. Don't just look at it from the shelf or rack. Find a color you are in love with in a style that flatters your unique body style. Then go try it on. Look into a three-way mirror and see what it looks like from behind. Because ladies with this style of body have a difficult time occasionally, finding dresses that lay as flat as their backside. Again, consider your color and pattern options as they will come in handy with choosing for the rectangle. Here are a few items from the that would be great on the rectangle body type. First, this Cowgirl Jacket creates an interesting line at the waist.


Nataya Vintage Style Western Jacket
For the bride who wants to enhance her height and show off her model-esque physique, I suggest this one in beige.


Siren Wedding Dress in Beige by Nataya


Let me know what you think in the comments below. It will be a couple of weeks, but the next in our Shapes of Women series will be, as promised, the Oval. Next week's Know This will be all about wedding party gifts, so watch for a fun article for suggestion on gifts to give your bridesmaids on your big day.

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