Sexy in Sheer

by Karen

There is nothing quite a sexy as a sheer garment that exposes just a hint of flesh beneath it. And if worn correctly every woman can look seductive, and sophisticated, even sexy in sheer fabrics. Sheer fabrics gracefully expose the skin underneath without bearing everything, if done right. When you think of sheer fabric, think of lace, chiffon, silk, organza, mesh, voile, and the list goes on.
Sexy in Sheer Sexy in Sheer
Here are a few ideas to consider when incorporating something so delicate into your wardrobe and everyday clothing without feeling entirely overexposed:
  • Know you comfort level. If you are not comfortable wearing a sheer blouse with just a bra, then don’t. Try wearing the sheer blouse with a camisole under it. The cami will cover most of the exposure while still allowing the sensuous sheer fabric to allude to something else.
  • If the camisole is not an option, consider a blouse that only has sheer sleeves. You want to be confident in what you wear. Do not expose your unnecessary stress by wearing something that makes you nervous.
  • Another way to make a sheer fabric work is to layer them. These fabrics are so light that this won’t cause a problem.
  • Not sure about the blouse at all? That is fine, go for a skirt with a sheer overlay. The solid fabric of some of these skirts stops at the knee, while the sheer fabric flows slightly lower. Talk about sexy knees!
  • Sometimes a shirt or dress is in a fabric that is more, let’s say, industrial. This type of material adds texture to an outfit. Don’t be afraid to try it. Or, consider tops and bottoms that are accented with sheer cut-out areas or panels.
  • Choose busy patterns. The design will shield the exposed areas of your body and allow you to feel more secure, if you were a bit self-conscious about this trend.
  • Dresses overlaid with a sheer material offer the same level of modesty and sensuality. Here are a few of my favorites. The first one is an ivory tulle and lace beauty. This one is perfect for a walk through a garden or even a second wedding dress. The next one is more for the evening. See what I am talking about with the overlay of sheer fabric? This one also incorporates lace in the sleeves and bodice -- so sexy.
Vintage dress in white Sexy in Sheer
  • Tunics and shrugs also offer a way to have the sheer fabric without offering your skin to the public. These are my absolute favorites. The first one is in the style of a tunic and has delicately sheer sleeves. The other is more for draping over your shoulders like a shrug. Both are beautiful enough for everyday wear.
 Sexy Vintage Sheer in black Sexy in Sheer
This trend in women’s clothing is to be more feminine. What better way to do that than with a flowing, tasteful, fabric that is sheer and sexy.

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