Seven Modern Images of Jane Austen’s Heroines for Winter Formal

by Karen

We have many vintage ideas for bizarre weddings and we encourage you to use our style guides! But with all these “hurry-scurry” wedding ideas,we forget about younger gals who are about to wear something vintageous and unique for their winter or spring formals. So let’s catch our breath and look up the best vintage inspired ideas for the younger gals’ winter balls. We decided to dedicate this post to all the lovers of Jane Austen’s world. Here we will list the main protagonists’ characteristics and style guidelines for each character. These may be useful for all young Jane Austen’s admirers. To start, let’s have a glimpse at Emma Woodhouse, successfully performed by another British lady, Gwyneth Paltrow. She is very pretty, clever and rich. She always demonstrates elegance and, sometimes, modesty with her look and isn’t afraid to share thoughts, which are actually often times about the happiness of others. But, as usual, there must be one big BUT: thinking about the others she plans their lives for them. And oftentimes the views of people don’t coincide with those of the heroine. So a beautiful romantic modest dress that also carries expensive grace is just for such kind a lady. It must look expensive and modest simultaneously to reveal both romantic and masterful beauty of its owner. Take any Vintage Romance dress (in beige or sage) by Nataya and you will look unique!

Vintage Romance dress in beige or sage

 Not adding Liz Bennet(now Missis Darcy) to this list would be a crime. We fell in love with Jane Austen through this heroine. Ironic and very smart, she has one main flaw: she is a victim of her first impressions. She is very sober minded, she represents a “well-to-do” clan yet lives only on several British Pounds per year. But her way of thinking makes everybody stop and emulate her socially. So you need something modest and elegant to let everybody appreciate your style? Use the vintage romance Nataya dress to emphasize your personality. To avoid massive details in your look means to appear modest and attractive simultaneously.

Vintage romance Nataya dress

 Another, in some ways, opposite protagonist is Elinor Dashwood. She is modest like Liz, but she doesn’t let her feelings out. She never follows her first impression, and, by no means does she let herself decide another’s destiny like Emma does. She is the most modest of all three aforementioned gals and doesn’t care much for dresses. Vintage Nataya tulle skirts with the titanic inspired tops will be right up this gal’s ally. But remember, we care about both your personality and beauty. That’s why we chose embroidery as a basic modest element to attract someone and ask you for a dance.

Vintage Nataya tulle skirts

 Marianne Dashwood, on the contrary, is a very passionate and romantic person who is starving for extra whimsical elements in her outfit. She must be very breezy, airy and she must be seen from the most distant corner of the hall. She plays piano well and has a very engaging voice to attract the most sophisticated people. Nobody can resist her personality! The best dress for her will be the Ballerina dress in black or pink. Use Pink if you have blonde hair and black for darker hair colors.

Ballerina dress in black or pink

 Anne Elliot is very elegant in her mind. She is the true British Lady. But sometimes others regard her as an ordinary person. Anne is a very loyal person and has a sense of family. Young men should know you are looking for stable relationships and you are very serious about it. Your apparel must be very natural and antique. The tulle dress in Sage will look feminine on you. You are in need of this style. Using romantic Victorian locks, you will stay within the chosen Austen’s line.

Tulle dress in Sage

 Catherine Morland is neither smart nor prosperous, nor is she beautiful or tragic. But these features of her character single her out! Her personality is vague; you may call her the first true gothic. She didn’t wear dark clothes or applied dark makeup but she followed her mystic believes. She thought any abbey had kept dark secrets and oftentimes took her fictions for reality.

 She lived in her dreams. And to emulate such a dreamy and vague person you should choose the Nataya skirt and tops in Mauve. This set will give you the fleur of the mystics and vintage romance. Miss Fanny Price, a true British juvenile gal, already had perfect taste for clothes in her appearance. She also possessed the best gift for women: a gift of sweet temper and a graceful heart. She was shy but most of surrounding people described her as having an elegant mind and graceful manners. The entire Titanic Line will be a great fit for the gals who found themselves in Miss Fanny Price. They look very juvenile, graceful and elegant. You can choose any color even if you look young for your age.

Nataya skirt and tops in Mauve

 We wish you a marvelous Jane Austen’s inspired modern Ball!

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