Romantic Wedding Dresses in Vintage Style for Summer 2012

by Karen

The new collections by Nataya never cease to be pleasant surprises for the admirers of the brand. The following ideas are especially suited for brides who call themselves lost romantics and for brides who are planning a vintage-style wedding.
So let’s start our list of the top 10 Nataya dresses for summer weddings.
The turquoise variation of the sexiest Empire-style dress is available for petite sizes. This style of dress is great apparel for a Prohibition-style wedding party, and other retro wedding ceremonies. The best accessories for this dress are birdcage veils and 1930s-style shoes on midi heels.
Turquoise variation of the sexiest Empire-style dress
The Nataya Dress in pink is still available in all regular sizes. Jazz-, New Orleans- and Victorian-styled weddings all call for this style! Make sure that you have the right accessories and shoes. Here’s our advice: After you purchase the dress, take it to the best shoe shop of your city or town so that you can use it to select the perfect shoes in the perfect colors to wear with the garment.
Nataya Dress in pink
Titanic, Victorian and retro-aristocratic weddings beg for Nataya’s Titanic Dress in alternative colors. The dress is a great choice for a family house wedding or Victorian weddings in the garden.
Nataya’s Titanic Dress in sage
The Tea Dress by Nataya is available in plus sizes. You may remember the stylists’ tips we recently mentioned regarding how to choose the perfect gown for plus-size ladies based on different figure types. This dress works well for plus-size gals with slender ankles.
Tea Dress by Nataya in ivory
If you want to look tall regardless of whether you are a plus-size gal or not, you must consider Nataya’s Tallish Height Dress with an Empire waist. This dress, as mentioned before, looks especially perfect when worn for sea-themed wedding ceremonies.
ataya’s Tallish Height Dress with an Empire waist
The new Boho-Style Dress by Nataya is the perfect apparel for offbeat brides who know no limits and express a true free spirit. Choose your dress in the right style and color today, as it may no longer exist after this post is published.
Boho-Style Dress by Nataya
Boho-Style Dress by Nataya in blue
The Nataya Bobble-Bottomed Dress in ivory is available in regular sizes. It looks really romantic, and it is another great variation of the wedding dress for beach wedding ceremonies. This style, in particular, is excellent for brides who are mad about alternative styles and full skirts.
Nataya Bobble-Bottomed Dress in ivory
Nataya Bobble-Bottomed Dress in rose
Nataya’s Vintage Wedding Dress in pink is a splendid wedding idea for alternative brides who do not want to look too classical. This dress in Victorian-style print will is like none other for garden and aristocratic weddings.
Nataya’s Vintage Wedding Dress in pink
The Nataya Wedding Dress in ivory looks really great, romantic and inimitable! This dress is really versatile, and it works well for many offbeat brides and wedding ceremonies. You may wear it for beach or home weddings; tropical or Hawaiian weddings; or onboard or Victorian gothic weddings. There is no theme that is not suitable for this style of dress. So, choose your theme before others take it!
Nataya Wedding Dress in ivory
As usual, we finish our top 10 list of Nataya 2012 summer dresses with the most offbeat idea for the bravest ladies. The Empire Dress in Charcoal/Berry can be the perfect apparel for bridesmaids, but who said it cannot serve as the wedding apparel for the bride herself? This dress is also fit for a semi-aristocratic, Art Nouveau or Prohibition-style wedding. The best shoes to pair with this dress have tiny or midi heels with long toes.
Empire Dress in Charcoal Berry
Be happy, and have fun during your summer wedding ceremony!

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