How to Spice Up Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe with a Tasteful Dose of Rustic Charm

by Karen

How to Spice Up Your Wardrobe with Romantic Rustic Dresses

Simplicity, tranquility, and rawness – encountering and experiencing these three qualities today, especially in big cities, is no easy mission. City dwellers are oh so often greeted by lifeless concrete buildings and cold hues. Perhaps this is one of the strongest reasons why rusticity has found its way into the world of home décor, the special events industry (we adore rustic weddings for they are uniquely beautiful), and of course women’s (and men’s) fashion. When it comes to rustic women’s garments, we believe that every lady who loves and respects Mother Nature and enjoys being physically active can and should welcome them into her closet. Why? Well, because they are extremely comfortable, feminine, and refreshingly simple – a package we find incredibly hard to say “no” to. If you’re considering beginning a passionate love affair with rustic clothing items this spring/summer, but aren’t quite sure where to start – worry not. We’ve selected some wonderful ideas that can help you add a tasteful dose of rustic charm and country chic to your everyday and semi-formal spring/summer outfits. Something tells us you’re about to fall deeply in love with this remarkable style.

Slow and Peaceful Mornings If you enjoy starting your mornings slow, then rustic articles of clothing are definitely a great choice for you. A light rustic nightly often offers comfort and freedom of movement, which will give you the precious opportunity to drink your morning coffee and make the necessary plans for the day with pleasure and ease. Now, wouldn’t that be nice? When it comes to picking fabrics for your morning garments, it’s immensely important to mention that rustic style favors natural ones such as cotton, linen, and rayon, all of which are soft and comfy. Colors-wise, the options are more than enough as well. From clean whites and creams to ecru and red, we believe it’s safe to say that you’ll easily find your favorite hue(s) among the ones approved by this style. What we suggest: Look for a 100% cotton or rayon nightly with a relaxed silhouette (don’t worry, this isn’t a difficult task). For a subtle touch of femininity, pick one that’s delicately embroidered (look for motifs drawn from nature). Trust us when we say this: wearing such a lovely garment feels like floating, and that’s exactly what mornings call for. If your work-related activities start late or you work from home, you might want to welcome a few casual dresses into your wardrobe. The beauty of most romantic rustic dresses lies in their simplicity and practicality, which is precisely what makes them ideal for cooking, housekeeping, and gardening. This means that they can become one of your most loyal allies. If you wish to celebrate Mother Nature fully, you might want to go with floral courtyard dresses in bright hues. The forest nymph inside you will appreciate it.

Busy Noon: Formal Edition Unlike their mornings, many modern women’s noons and afternoons tend to be busy. If you are a writer of any kind, an interior designer, or an artist (to name just a few creative professions), chances are you have a lot of business meetings during the week. Believe it or not, rustic clothing items are suitable for this occasion as well. If you want to offer your clients a glimpse of your romantic, nature-loving soul and laid-back personality with the help of your outfits, we advise you to give romantic rustic dresses a chance. You can easily find romantic rustic dresses that scream raw beauty and easy elegance. From Victorian style courtyard dresses to French stripe dresses, the options are plenty. In case you worry that going full countryside chic to a business meeting is a bit too bold and risky, you can opt for a nice pair of jeans, a comfy pair of pants, or a simple skirt and combine it with a minimalist sleeveless camisole or a dreamy vintage inspired blouse. You can complete your look with a tasteful lace cover-up or a lightweight jacket. When it comes to fabrics, stick to cotton and linen (always a smart choice for warm spring and summer days). White, cream, ecru, lilac, tan, and olive are only some of the many stunning hues favored by rustic style. All of them are soothing and suggestive of a simpler way of life, so be sure to incorporate at least a couple of them into your spring/summer outfits for the much wanted rustic twist. Don’t forget to steer clear of neon accents and jewel-tones.

Lunch Time: Sweet Afternoon Delights with Beloved Friends After business comes pleasure, right? We don’t know about you, but we think that having lunch with some of our closest and dearest friends at one of our favorite restaurants is an amazing way to relax and unwind after a long and stressful business meeting. If you and your girlfriends enjoy spending quality time together and sharing delicious meals, you should know that this is when a dash of rustic charm can liven up your look and sometimes even improve your mood (yes, rustic clothing items have the power to do that). If you have a bubbly personality and aren’t afraid to play with colors, then you should definitely look for an intricately embellished pair of leggings (floral embroideries are a lovely tribute to the countryside and the great outdoors) in raspberry, lilac, olive, mossy green, maize, or rich caramel and a simple cotton or rayon tunic. This combination is relaxed, comfortable, and super fun, which makes it amazing for this occasion. We advise you to accompany it with natural make-up and an effortlessly feminine hairstyle.

If you tend to pick clothes that are a little bit more sophisticated and stylish than the ones we mentioned above, worry not – you can give your spring/summer outfits a rustic twist in a tasteful and subtle way. Sometimes, a single item of clothing is all it takes to infuse a bland look with rustic freshness. Our picks: a smooth cotton jacket with an asymmetric hem in lilac or any other natural hue, a sheer white or cream cotton/rayon cover-up, and last but not least a simple lace cover-up (remember: lace is always a great idea).

Dine and Wine in Comfort and Casual Style At the end of the day, every woman longs to be with her family. Preparing tasty and healthy meals for the ones you care deeply about should be a pleasure, and yes – the clothes you choose to wear can help you enjoy every second of it. If you ask us, romantic rustic dresses are perfect for cooking during spring and summer because they not only are feminine and casually elegant, but also comfortable and really practical. Long and loose-fitting rustic dresses are precisely what you need for your quiet and intimate family evenings. Try to find romantic rustic dresses that fit you well and allow you to maintain feminine movement and shape. Such dresses will help you get things done fast and be productive no matter how tired you are.

When it comes to colors, you should let natural ones reign. From pine green and golden yellow to ecru and blue, the options are practically endless. One thing’s certain – your outfits will be far from boring.

Long rustic three quarter sleeve dresses are a wonderful pick for warm spring and summer nights, so if you and your loved ones enjoy talking about your day in your family garden while drinking tea or hot cocoa, you definitely need to make room in your wardrobe for such lovely garments.

Off to Dreamland When talking about items of clothing that possess rustic charm, we simply cannot forget to mention nightwear. Nighttime calls for soft and comfy fabrics, which is why we advise you to opt for a set of pajamas made of cotton. After all, you need to get a good night’s rest. Aside from PJs, rustic cotton and rayon nightlies are another way to add country vibes to your nights. These garments are all about modesty and old-world charm, which makes them ideal for ladies whose personal style is traditional. Colors-wise, it’s best to avoid extremely vivid hues and stick with clean whites and creams. As you may have concluded, the ideal of rustic style is simplicity. It reminds us all that we can and should live life slowly, no matter how unbelievably hard it may seem. This is perhaps one of the strongest reasons we adore rustic style. Do you find rustic garments beautiful or distasteful and why? Do you own any rustic pieces of clothing and if you do, where and when do you wear them? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section below. 

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