Retro wedding photoshoots. Simple “how to”s

by Karen

Which events do most of us ladies recollect more often than the rest? The answers are definitely prom, wedding and the birth of your first baby birth. It’s difficult to capture the perfect shots from your prom and birth, but there is no excuse to not have a few perfect photos at your wedding. As we are a retro inspired bridal shop we believe it’s our duty to bring any and all proper ideas for wedding affairs. Now it’s time to find out how to pose for the photographer and how to help your master “compose” a truly retro inspired masterpiece.
Nataya Vintage Retro Wedding Dress

(40022 Nataya Vintage Wedding Dress)

Of course, any wedding affair can boast with plenty of guests carrying mobile phones and ordinary digital cameras, trying to capture all those perfect moments. But most young couples prefer hiring an excellent photographer to capture those once-in-a-lifetime splendid quality shots. The Tyra Banks Show debunked the fact that most successful models practice in front of the mirror trying to find their perfect pose. Whereas the bride and groom can also find their special pose in front of the mirror, nobody will guarantee these shots will look natural. And the wedding shots should always be natural.


AL-2101 Titanic Tea Length Dress in Ivory


(AL-2101 Titanic Tea Length Dress in Ivory)

To tell the truth, posing for the photo master is really hard work. Even celebs that appear on the Red Carpet are very cautious while moving down the carpet because they do not want unsuccessful shots appearing on the Internet. If you want to hire a true photo professional, ask if he or she has ever shot a wedding ring ceremony, moments when wearing the rings and first kisses are exchanged after the “I do’s”. If you have found all these shots in her or his portfolio and find them perfect, you met a true professional. Wearing the rings is a very precious moment and the last thing a couple thinks about is their pose. So if the photographer captured this moment perfectly (the more couples the better) he is not lucky but is a true master! Remember the following rules: do not hide from the cameras and do not cast the eyes and do not stare at the camera lens all the time either.
40006 Vintage Empire Dress in Ivory

(40006 Vintage Empire Dress in Ivory)

If a bride (from time to time) will point her eye at the photographer or the guests in a coquette way then the master will have tons of splendid and awesome shots. And what about the groom? Think about it, the most precious moments are before the affair, when the groom for instance can kiss the little finger or plays about the feathers on his spouse’s hat, etc… Guess and you will draw the perfect inspiration which will be truly yours. Then you will have the ability to boast about the ideas of certain shots. And nobody doubts your grandkids will think you were the happiest couple that day!
Vintage Nataya Wedding Dress AL-9001 in Ivory

(Vintage Nataya Wedding Dress AL-9001 in Ivory)

Do forget celebrating stag parties and bridal shower parties before the wedding day as your appearance may spoil. If you have a sleepless night, even Phototshop won’t correct it in a proper way! You should have a good walk before the wedding and a good 7-hour sleep! You shouldn’t insist on capturing all your ideas. Your photographer can accept just the most splendid ones. Behave in a natural way and most likely you will have the perfect photo shots. And after all, here are some tips on how to help you with retro posing. Look for Old Hollywood Celebs’ poses. Sepia photo shots of those days will show you how to pose. Always choose the truly vintage photo shots. Such photos should be both aristocratic and fashionable.
Nataya Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown with Shawl 40042

(Nataya Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown with Shawl 40042)

If you chose a short dress or a boyish style, find your inspiration looking through Twiggy’s photo shoots. If you wear a 60’s inspired classic set, draw your inspiration from Audrey Hepburn’s eyes. Remember: dynamics is about everything. Be more natural and change movement after movement. Static poses do not play an important role. Why do we sincerely recommend that couples pose before the mirror? To catch those false moments and remove them; you should know the way you smile when you are smiling in a natural way. Remember: the mirror is the lens. And it is not necessary look at your reflection. You may experiment with it and find your beloved moments you want to capture on the wedding day!
AL-8902 Romantic Vintage Dress

(AL-8902 Romantic Vintage Dress)

When you’re planning a perfect retro inspired photo shoot you should look through all sepia and black-and-white photos. If, when looking through these non-colored shots, you pronounce to yourself: “Wow!!”, the master is truly great! Remember: black and white photo shoots should be trusted only to professionals. If you are planning something like a flapper or boho wedding try to find several rebellious inspired shoots. Be yourselves but find the poses and shots that are truly “yours” when looking through old retro shots and modern retro inspired shots in glossy magazines as well. You may invent something new and, thus, have a lot of fun! Keep in mind: photo shoots are not necessary they are just another adventure for you both where you step forward together! Hand by hand!

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