Retro styled jewellery for winter affairs

by Karen

We are sure: to complete your look you cannot help but choose the perfect jewelry. You should be very literal bout your choice and remember that jewelry is only here to accentuate your style. That’s why most stylists advise to avoid wearing too much jewelry or very expensive bijouterie. Luxury bijouterie is only for the ladies aged 26 and up. But that doesn’t mean you should use inexpensive or fake analogues. The basic rule for wearing jewelry claims: “there mustn’t be too much jewelry on you”. Always use only one central item: necklace or earrings, the rest must be of little value and in fewer numbers. When choosing the perfect jewelry, take into account all your advantages and disadvantages. If you can boast with a perfect neck line, décolleté line or arms line, try to accentuate them. You can decorate your hands with bracelets; accentuate your neck line with a graceful pendant or necklace, and if you can boast with the elegant pianist-like fingers with a perfect French manicure, use thin rings with prescious stones. You should always pick up jewelry after your final choice of evening gown is complete. Your jewelry should be in harmony with your overall look. For instance, long evening gowns with extra neck lines will go well with a thin necklace or chain and a bracelet. For a tiny cocktail dress use the earrings or a single bracelet and for the office use only the rings.  Below we listed several classic images to help you select the perfect jewelry for the set.

1. Classic looks: Long-length evening gown, shoes or high-heeled sandals, modest makeup. The complete look seems very modest, that is why the best idea is to use very modest jewelry. Do not use massive jewelry. Thin chains, a single wide bracelet or long ear-rings are a good choice. And, of course, do not use them all.

2. Cocktail looks: short evening gowns or cocktail dresses, low-heel or mid-heel sandals and evening makeup. This look implies long ear-rings, pendant and rings… If you prefer metal based jewelry, try to focus only on a single metal: either white metal or yellow.

3. The retro and ultra-fashion looks. They imply extraordinary accessories as well as extraordinary silhouette. You cannot do without silver rings, ear-rings, pendants, or artificially vintage-made jewellery.

Your jewelry style always shows your status. Unique jewelry may conceal your flaws and accentuate your personality and may turn a plump gal into a tempting retro Diva. The fashionable jewelry is not only the Bvlgari jewelry, but it is everything that is up to you! Vintage jewelry never loses its status. The trick is that the retro jewelry makes a woman into a lady! Vintage style jewelry is always very graceful, especially the ones styled as or released in Victorian times! However, avoid using vintage or vintage style jewelry with your professional sets. Such jewelry sets are ever friends of skirts or, more exactly, full skirts. Maybe there is some sense in walking your local flea market where a woman can run across a truly perfect vintage item. The advanced fashionistas use ebay for this purpose. And even more advanced fashionistas make the vintage style jewelry themselves! If you want to subtract several years from your true age you can fearlessly use silver based jewelry. Silver is scientifically proven to kills bacteria when in contact with your skin. Yet, there are several cases, when you better give your preferences to jewelry made of gold! Oftentimes brides use platinum or silver for their bridal apparels which is why if you’re a bridesmaid, using the golden items are a perfect decision! Some gals prefer the jewelry made of wood. Indeed that is a perfect combination of quantity and price. But such jewelry may go mostly with ethnic patterns, for example, with Bohemian inspired gowns or sets. The jewelry made of glass is very graceful, it may go even with the wedding apparel in ivory, white or red. The glass based jewelry makes your neck a little bit longer which is great for the plus sized gals! The plastic style jewelry cannot go with evening or cocktail gowns. It is rather great for teenagers. The jewelry made of threads or handmade jewelry that looks ethnic and can be combined with the wooden jewelry, hippie gowns or, sometimes, bohemian style dresses. The jewelry made of beads will mostly go with hippie or ethnic Boho-styled gowns. But there are some techniques of beads-braiding that may make vintage inspired jewelry without any mastery. You can make Victorian or Empire inspired bracelets or necklaces using, for instance, Frivole or peyote beads. And who knows, maybe you will reveal new talents and open an ecommerce store to sell your beaded masterpieces. Also you can match your jewelry with the color of your eyes. This trick works great. Use emerald or emerald green gems for green eyes, brown sapphires for the hazelnut eyes. The blue sapphires will go with the blue eyes. We hope, these pieces of advice give you all the necessary ideas for the coming affairs!

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