Proposal Ideas to Share with your Significant Other

by Karen

Since we were little girls, most of us have been dreaming of our wedding day. But, our idea of the proposal is a bit fairy tale-ish. All of our friends and family have shared their stories with us about how and where they were proposed to. Some are romantic, some are hilarious, and still others didn’t work out the way they thought it should. Here are a few proposal ideas to share with your significant other or read for your pleasure. I agree, some of these are tried and true, but some of them are ingenious. Be sure to share this with all the single men in your life so they have a few proposal ideas up their sleeve to get them started.

Where you first met or the location of your first date

My high school sweet heart was the first of two proposals I had. He was more of a romantic than my husband and his proposal is at the top of the list of tried and true. We had our first date and when it was nearing its end we went to a boat launch under the night sky and stared at the moon and stars and got to talk without anyone else around. Two years later he recreated our first date and took me again to this boat launch, got down on one knee under the night sky, and asked me to marry him.

Food and Drink

This is still in the tried and true traditional proposals category, but if it is not broke, don’t try to fix it works most of the time. Take her out to dinner. But, for this to work out in your favor you must plan ahead. Decide how and when you will propose. Will you have the ring baked in a dessert? Will you have to waiter bring out champagne flutes with her ring in one? Will you get down on your knee in the restaurant in front of all the other diners or will you reserve a private dining area and have it decorated just for her? There is a lot to consider for this one, but it will be well worth it.

The Getaway

Where would be the one place your soon to be betrothed would like to go on vacation? This information is vital as you can incorporate the proposal now with a honeymoon destination later. Again, this is one that needs to be planned early. There are many details to address and you will probably want to include hotel staff in your ideas and let them help out before your arrival. Some ideas are for a private dinner on the beach with your own private waiter, a small fire, and a blanket. Or, have the hotel decorated with candles and roses (or her favorite flowers) and ready when you check in. Another thought is to take her on a day trip where some of her family and friends are going to meet you there. With this one, watch out, after the proposal and she sees her family, you will end up on the sidelines while she shows everyone the ring and gets giggly with the girls and her mom. But, that is okay, especially for the guy who would rather let his girl share with her friends and family such a special occasion.

Daring Proposals

Maybe this isn’t the first time you have proposed to a lady, maybe you are less traditional and want something out of the box. Well, there are plenty of ideas and suggestions for this too. Let’s start with proposing at a concert. It is difficult, but can be done. If your lady friend has a favorite band and you have a few connections (think six degrees of separation here) you can plan for great seating, backstage passes, and possibly even intermission on stage to propose. That sounds like so much fun and something no girl will ever forget. Is your lady an adrenaline junkie? Lots of us are! If she is into watching the X Games or skydiving or something that would scare the heck out of some people, take advantage of it for your proposal. It will show that you pay attention to her interests and want to try new things. Suggestions are to go skydiving, skiing in Colorado or The Alps, mountain climbing or mountain biking, and the list keeps going. Your final destination will include the biggest surprise she has ever received when you offer her a life of adventure if she says yes to your proposal. Romance isn’t hard. Think of something your girlfriend would enjoy or a memory that she is really fond of and tells all her friends about. Where did you meet her? A golf outing? A bus stop? Maybe at the beach over a holiday? Take her back to that place. She remembers, trust me. Where did you take her on your first date? Was it an amusement park? A concert? Try to plan another date that she will never forget.

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