The Perfect Prom Dress - How to Select the Style, Color and Fabrics

by Karen

This is truly a wonderful time of year for all students finishing school. With the finals being over and the excitement of the looming freedom that comes with adulthood, there most certainly is reason to celebrate! And of course, celebrate you shall as this is Prom Season ladies, and it will likely be your last chance to explore your imagination and wonder you’ve experience throughout your childhood with your dearest classmates! There are however, some things you need to be aware of about your prom dress so you don’t make the most common mistakes girls in your position are prone to making. As your life begins to take dramatic changes, leaveng childhood and becoming an adult, there is great temptation to seem more adult-like with your outward appearance. Careful here ladies as this temptation can play a cruel joke on your image.We will help you avoid mistakes such as these and give your several valuable tips to choose an evening gown that is just right for you! vivian-vintage-style-gown-in-ruby-by-nataya

When selecting an evening gown for prom, there are three important principles you must abide by. The very first is your image must meet the requirements of your age. Do not try to imitate Madonna or Michelle Obama. Their image is perfect for their age, you have freshness and beauty on your side and a stylish romantic gown is definitely the direction to go in for you. Second, in choosing a prom dress, pay attention to its practicality. Of course you want to look your best when you’re in the spotlight. The temptation is definitely there to put on a long, sexy-cut dress and matching killer stilleto’s. But how then are you going to dance all night and take that moonlit walk down the boardwalk, it’s impossible. You need to find a compromise so that your dress not only looks beautiful during this magical evening but also keeps you feeling comfortable enough to move around and dance to your heart’s content. And thirdly, a prom dress sometimes tends to mimic a wedding dress in that it will not be worn again. It is therefore important for you to understand that a particularly extravagant prom dress will likely hang in your closet not unlike a wedding dress. That’s perfectly fine if you can live with that, but for most, being able to wear this beautiful gown regularly is preferable. Keep that in mind when shopping around for a dress. Make sure it’s versatile and one you can wear to a friend’s wedding or to a cocktail party or even simply on a date. All of the above will help you simplify the choosing the style of dress for this special evening, but now lets switch focus to fabrics and color. A summer evening dress should preferably be made of chiffon, silk, taffeta, orgnaza, sateen or satin. These fabrics look amazing, they drape nicely and will give you a regal, elegant look, allowing you to dance all night long. The color selection for your graduation dress should not be limited to white or a derivation thereof. Go wild with lipstick red, tangerine orange, sun yellow, lemon, pink, lavender, blue…these wonderful colors will create a festive mood and make you stand out like the superstar you need to be at your Prom. And do not shy away from floral patterns, embroidery and rhinestones, they are quite appropriate at this ball.

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