Perfect Colors and Styles of Vintage Dresses for the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom

by Karen

Sometimes it is easy to feel comfortable in the same shade that your daughter or son is wearing. But there is also this superstition to consider: if you are mother of the bride, the groom should look at you to know what his wife will look like in 30-40 years.
Vintage style dress for mothers of the bride

If you want to make a profound impression on the guests and relatives of your child’s spouse, you should take into account different color tricks and wear the perfect hairdo. We have already revealed several tips to help you look younger. In this post, we’ll remind you of a few of them: • shorter haircuts and hairdos make you look younger • highlighted hair also makes you look younger • you shouldn’t reveal your neck — the best length of hair is waved locks finishing near the shoulder • the colors peach, pink, blush, beige, light lime, light lavender and apricot make you look younger; so if you are not sure about saturated colors, you may purchase dresses in this style • if you are sure of saturated colors, you may wear dresses in such colors as saturated lavender, purple and even green • black with some accents can be a good choice, as it’s better to avoid wearing purely dark colors Now, let’s look at the 10 best dress ideas for the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom in order to help her look noble and beautiful on her child’s wedding day: • The Titanic Dress in sage/lavender may serve quite well as an alternative wedding dress, but it is also good apparel for the mothers of the couple getting married.
Titanic Dress in sage/lavender
The Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry may be a perfect vintage-style dress for the ladies who are not afraid of getting saturated and bright!
Titanic Dress in charcoal/berry
• If you are nostalgic about the 1970s, when boho-styled gowns and hippie apparel ruled the world of fashion, you may recall those good old days by wearing the Boho-Styled Gown by Nataya, which is another saturated idea.
Boho-Styled Gown by Nataya
The vintage-inspired Empire Dress in sage looks very natural. It is still available in XL size, so get yours today, as it is probably the last sample of our bestsellers.
Vintage-inspired Empire Dress
• If you tend to wear traditional-for-your-age colors such as peach and apricot, you cannot do without one of Nataya’s bestsellers — the Flutter Sleeve Dress for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom.
Nataya’s bestsellers
The new Nataya Dress in pearl/mint is the perfect gown for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom who is mad about old Hollywood classics. This model recalls the look of the late 1930s and early 1940s.
Nataya Dress in pearl/mint
The Nataya Sapphire/Beige Dress will be available in a month. This dress is a perfect gown to go with the mother of the bride or mother of the groom who is searching for models in both saturated and pastel colors.
Nataya Sapphire/Beige Dress

• One more saturated idea for a petite mother of the bride or mother of the groom is definitely the Nataya Vintage-Style Dress in coffee/amethyst. This style will make you look younger if you have highlighted light brown or blonde hair.

Nataya Vintage-Style Dress in coffee/amethyst

• The classic style of the La Belle Époque set, thanks to the good ratio between darker and lighter colors, may emphasize your personality in a way that you won’t regret! Even if you have darker hair, this dress does help make you look younger.

La Belle Époque set
The jeweled camisole and the skirt of this set will make you resemble the post-Victorian actress of the La Belle Époque era.
Victorian actress of the La Belle Époque era
Draw your own inspiration from the Nataya catalogue, and you will not stand merely in the shade of your kids, but you will actively support the line they have chosen for their wedding ceremony!

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