The new Spring 2013 Collection by Nataya

by Karen

Hi, Ladies. Spring is knocking on our doors. We welcome you, our valued current and new customers, to this romantic season with our new Spring 2013 Collection by Nataya. The dresses in our spring collection are not only perfect for weddings, but you will discover that they are also perfect for any other special springtime event. This collection is full of soft colors and combinations, including our first “portion” of vintage pleasure.

Nataya's Flamingo Dress

The Nataya Flamingo dress takes the top spot as the most striking springtime dress in the new spring collection. This viscose and satin dress is an all-in-one-piece set decorated with a floral print that echoes the season. The Flamingo will be stunning both with and without special accessories.
Nataya's Flamingo Dress

Nataya's Classics

The following dresses may be grouped into a special collection called Nataya’s classics.” These dress designs are inspired by the Titanic and Gatsby Era. Notice that the Nataya line is full of three main colors: golden rose, lavender and bronze.
Nataya's Classics
First, there is the 5901-Vintage Titanic Dress, a design that became popular on our Facebook Page as a “Downton Abbey inspired style.” It is available in sage/peach and a golden shade of rose/gold. This dress will be ideal for a rehearsal dinner or an informal wedding to be worn by the bride or mother of the bride. Whether you are going for the Gatsby or Edwardian look, you can achieve it. It just depends on your choice of hairstyle and special accessories.
Another “Downton Abbey inspired style” is the 40007-Vintage Titanic Dress. Similar to the 5901-Vintage Titanic Dress, the 40007-Vintage style is lovely in golden shades of rose/gold.
Vintage Titanic Dress
5901-Vintage Titanic Dress
Nataya’s collection also includes a layered dress, the AL-10709, which has gained a lot of attention from our customers. The votes are in and lavender is the favorite color. This layered beauty is a Gatsby Era style that is also available in golden colors of rose/gold. A Mardi Gras jazz party may look quite different if you choose this dress for the occasion.
Great Gatsby Party Dress in Rose-Gold by Nataya
Great Gatsby Party Dress in Lavender by Nataya
Before moving on to our next design, we want to thank you for your support. We appreciate and value your feedback. Continue to tell us about your tastes and interests.
Our next selection is a bronze dress in the art deco style. If you love geometry, you will adore Nataya’s new nylon flopper dress. This style is reminiscent of the days with the roaring jazz, art nouveau furniture, casinos on yachts and limited prohibition in a society that enjoyed good times. This dress has both a jazz and art deco look. Just choose the best accessories to achieve one or the other look.
Nataya’s new nylon flopper dress
Nataya’s new nylon flapper dress
More Styles
One of Nataya’s dresses, designed for informal wear, is the 40147-Rose/Gold Tulle Empress Dress. This tulle empress dress is designed especially for informal beach and summer weddings. If you do, however, prefer more classic wedding colors, this dress is also available in ivory/gold.
40147-Rose/Gold Tulle Empress Dress
Vintage dress in ivory
The 167-Ivory Nataya Rose Dress is another one of Nataya’s informal dresses. This is a princess style wedding dress. It is a short, knee-length dress in an ivory color with beautiful rose embroidery. Even though this is a short wedding dress, it will be beautiful at either a formal or informal wedding.
167-Ivory Nataya Rose Dress

Nataya’s Ophelia Dress

Last but not least, we want to introduce Nataya’s Ophelia dress in ivory and teal. This dress is also available in a striking ruby variation. The Ophelia dress has sparked much interest among our customers, for we are already getting many preorders for this style. If this dress is the one for you, be sure to place your order soon.
Nataya’s Ophelia Dress
As Spring approaches, we wish you marvelous spring days that will be truly romantic.

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