The New Plus Size Arrivals by Nataya

by Karen

The Nataya Brand has always brought many vintage style ideas for plus size gals and thus many plus size brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the brides/grooms have chosen this brand as the main line for their coming affairs.
Many celebrities have become popular thanks to their plus sizes and losing weight means losing their popularity. Toccara Jones, Mia Tyler, Queen Latifah, Christina Schmidt, Maggi Yumi Brown, Whitney Thompson and Kelly Ousbourne may be included as the best examples, but, of course, this list is incomplete. Scarlett Johansson hardly can be called a skinny gal as well as a plus size one, but she has a rather tempting form. Most Titanic inspired dresses have become popular thanks to the tempting shape of Kate Winslet. This inimitable silhouette really proves any gal of any size can look perfect in this style of apparel. The whimsical styles and elements of neo-vintage gowns work really well for the overall silhouette. We cannot help but mention that the Titanic inspired dresses are “the visit card” of the Nataya Brand. The new spring collection was enriched with several styles and colors of the line that works the best, and you can now view the entire catalogue online. Most plus sizes are already available for purchase! The Ivory Titanic dress (4007) is definitely a supreme idea for retro inspired brides. Don’t forget to include this style in the short list of “wedding must haves”.

Nataya Titanic Dress in ivory

Titanic Tea Party Dress in Ivory by Nataya of the Titanic style may play a “dual role”, as some may prefer this model for their bridesmaids while others may visualize it as their own wedding look. The tulle skirt balances the silhouette and the V-elements on the upper torso parts. Thus, the bride won’t need to worry about putting on weight or, on the contrary, losing it. The silhouette will always look balanced.


Titanic Tea Party Dress in Ivory by Nataya


One more variation of the Titanic style dress is definitely Titanic Tea Party Dress in Ash/Chocolate by Nataya. The tulle and rayon mix makes it really balanced and breezy. It will be perfect for garden and beach ceremonies. Also, the same model will work wonderfully with the style of a retro restaurant or a Victorian inspired wedding lodge. Additionally, the pleats be magic if your bust line happens to be on the larger.


Titanic Tea Party Dress in Ash/Chocolate by Nataya


Brides who prefer semi-gothic romance may discover the classic model of Victoria Vintage Style Party Gown in Black by Nataya. This Titanic-era repro stylish dress will come out splendidly, so you will feel comfortable regardless if it is a rainy spring day or a dusk wedding scene. The same model will also work for the gals who want to keep the line of Titanic romance but refuse wearing the retro frills – a common characteristic for the mentioned era.

Victoria Vintage Style Party Gown in Black by Nataya


If you have no idea what Titanic inspired dress to choose for this occasion, simply contact us and we will eagerly help you free of charge!

You may remember one of the’s bestsellers: the Grandma Vintage Dress. This Year, Nataya decided to continue with this successful vintage line. Let us introduce the new vintage style dress in pink. This style is really versatile, so alternative brides searching for offbeat colors for their bridal look may find the mentioned retro model worthy.


New vintage style dress in pink


Additionally, the constellation of bridesmaids in these gowns will look splendid! Do not forget that the mentioned model will also be well-served for the mothers of the brides or grooms. You may recall our prior post on retro colors for the ladies over 50 and the fact that pink and peach colors with the proper makeup may subtract even up to 10 years from your true age. So choose yours today!

Shapeless garments are too boring and won’t shape your silhouettes in the best way. So, the next two models will turn you into the real retro-modern beauty.
Vintage Fashion White Dress
40115 Nataya Ivory/Tea Dress is the splendid asymmetrical style for retro brides who are planning the wedding affair styled in the romantic 30s or 40s. The saturated Ruby/Beige model will keep the atmosphere of Victorian celebration, Victorian gardens and overall retro style. The model is up to the retro evenings, evening weddings and retro cocktail parties. And, again, the saturated colors of the model in Beige/Ruby will look splendid on bridesmaids or mothers of the brides or grooms.
Nataya Ivory/Tea Dress

The plus sizes of the next model will be available this spring. The great Gatsby Dress in Ash/Rose is the best-working model for those who want to balance their silhouette. Two V elements on the upper body and skirt will make your silhouette into an hourglasses style if you place the lace in the back. Hence, the overall silhouette will look balanced. Again, this model may be good for Mardi Gras weddings, Mardi Gras retro affairs and the 1920s or 1930s style cocktail parties. Also, this model will look splendid on mothers of the brides and bridesmaids over 25.

Great Gatsby Dress in Ash/Rose

Nataya Titanic camisole and rosette skirts are the perfect set for brides or bridesmaids, depending on color preferences of course. The lengths and the colors of the sets will make you a truly impressive bride!

ballerina set for plus size skirt

V-Shaped elements and vertical elements are the perfect combination for you to balance your silhouette. However, do not forget the boho style if you are not keen on retro corset dresses. Nataya Vintage gowns in Sapphire/Beige and Ivory/Beige are the perfect styles for different types of occasions.

Nataya Vintage gowns in Sapphire/Beige
Nataya Vintage gowns in Ivory/Beige

We cannot help but boast about the following model by Nataya: The Next Tea Dress in Beige/Cream is a stunning, stylish gown for weddings, retro parties and cocktail parties styled in the 1920s. Also, this model may serve as the retro Victorian dress. The V-shape elements and seems perfectly balance the silhouette without using corsets which can sometimes make a silhouette heavier.

Tea Dress in Beige/Cream
We hope you will discover many ideas in the catalogue or share your own experience or expertise! We’ll be waiting!

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