The new best selling dresses for coming thanksgiving parties

The new best selling dresses for coming thanksgiving parties
The time is drawing near to carve the Thanksgiving turkey with those we love. Whether you’ll be gathered around the table with your family, friends, or both, we’re here to help you look your best for this special holiday tradition. Today, we invite ladies of all ages and stages, including moms, daughters, sisters, brides-to-be and mothers-of-the-bride, to check out these seven dresses found in our closet here at The first one is called This One’s for You, Mom. A lovely dress, it is perfect for mothers who are busy running the affairs of their household. You don’t have to spend hours on your hair and makeup to look absolutely gorgeous in this gown. The boho flair will give you an air of friendliness and hospitality as you meet your future son-in-law or his family.

If you have decided to combine Thanksgiving not only with meeting the parents but also with the engagement party, the future bride will need a pretty party dress in traditional fall berry colors.

If you are the older sister, you don’t want to be forgotten. Check out the Chic Vintage Gal Dress. It has the look and feel of a cocktail dress with the perfect amount of modesty and class.

If you plan to great your guests at the door of your parents’ home, you must wear the Blue Pampered Doll Dress. The dress is designed for the younger ladies, ages 20 to 25, who have a sweet and cute demeanor.

The following dress by Nataya is so versatile that mothers, daughters, sisters and brides love it. This layered dress comes in golden rose colors and is perfect for dance parties as well as low-key parties at home. Accessorize and choose the right hairdo to achieve either look.

A classic standby is our Othelia dress in ruby. It continues to remain on our list of bestsellers. This lovely dress is perfect not only for restaurants but for at-home parties and events as well.

And finally, we would like to present one more dress for our lovers of black shades and tones. Black is a flattering color that has a slimming effect on most ladies, but is it suitable for smaller parties at your home? Glad you asked! The following Black and coco shades rose gown is perfect for mothers and older daughters. The only problem is that every female member of your family will want to wear this same gorgeous dress.

We know you have much to be thankful for and wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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