New Alternative Wedding Dresses by Nataya

by Karen

The inimitable style of Nataya has made dresses for alternative brides her personal signature. The era of full-skirted dresses passed long ago, and now brides want to look airy, yet not “overweighed” with longer skirts, corsets or full-skirt crinolines. They want to look more attractive and memorable, while letting their style be noticeable.
Alternative Wedding Dresses by Nataya
Even the wife of the Prince of Monaco preferred closely fitting and high, tight dresses in contrast to those full-skirted old-fashioned styles. However, old fashion may be very attractive, offbeat and alternative. Would you like to have a look? Let’s go! We have selected these dresses for alternative brides from our new arrivals. Most of the models are either currently available or will be available this spring. Nataya Ivory/Tea dress is the perfect retro style dress for alternative brides who are planning themed weddings in a 1920s cocktail style. This may also be a splendid idea for pregnant brides - the style will really conceal a little pregnant belly.
Nataya Ivory/Tea dress

The ones who are planning to celebrate their Mardi Gras Wedding in New Orleans will definitely love the new vintage style dress by Nataya. A perfect umbrella in lace can accessorize well with this dress, and the overall silhouette is reminiscent of the days our grannies were listening to jazz and dancing during the Mardi Gras processions.


New vintage style dress by Nataya


The Pearl/Pink variation of the aforementioned dress will definitely be up to the Victorian or Edwardian Eras. The good ol’ British hats will be a perfect match to the chosen style, and this dress may be the perfect wedding “must have” for brides marrying for the second time.

Pearl/Pink variation dress

This antique style will also be an excellent choice for marine ceremonies, and for good reason! The aqua color and the length of the dress will definitely be up to the offbeat brides and brides marrying for the second time.

Antique style dress
The prices are not out of reach to feel like an aristocratic lady! The next Victorian gown in midi is already available for regular sizes and will be available in plus sizes after March 30th. Undoubtedly, the gown will keep the line of home garden ceremonies!
Victorian gown in midi

We sincerely recommend pairing the mermaid gown in retro style with the shawl in the same color. The color will come out really offbeat and memorable.

Mermaid gown in retro style with the shawl

The Victorian-inspired garment is a perfect idea for both regular and plus size brides. This dress will show off your radiant skin and may also serve as apparel for brides who are waiting for baby!

Victorian-inspired garment

The next airy style is another “mermaid’s” treasure for our customers. The fashion and the color may give a perfect “sea air” to the bride during a beach wedding ceremony. You can also take this dress if you are planning to celebrate your honeymoon (and surely the wedding day) somewhere outside the United States.

Vintage fashion dress
The next tulip-style dress by Nataya is a perfect blend for the brides who insist on full skirts but do not wish to deal with heavy crinoline skirts. The dress will be a great match with the same style top by Nataya. The fabric of the dress will help the bride feel comfortable and really breezy, even on gloomy spring days. Offbeat brides may prefer the peach variation for the retro style dress.
Tulip-style dress by Nataya
Tulip style dress by Nataya

The next color and style is too bizarre to be the gown of an ordinary bride! The uneven length and non-classical pink will definitely look unusually and offbeat! If you prefer to attract attention and feel quite comfortable, the 40148 dress is perfect for you!


Vintage Rose Nataya Dress


We cannot help boasting with the precious pearl of Nataya collection over and over again. Titanic Tea Party Dress in Ash/Chocolate by Nataya will make you feel very aristocratic and breezy.


Titanic Tea Party Dress in Ash/Chocolate by Nataya


For those who prefer Gothic styles of dresses, they will definitely fall in love with the Black/Silver dress which will be available after February 28th.

Nataya gothic Black/Silver dresses

The next romantic dress in Titanic style will look more than just unique. The empire bust line and uneven cuts, no frills and the ¾ sleeves make this style very noticeable and memorable!

Romantic dress in Titanic style

Some ladies prefer wearing outfits instead of wedding dresses. If you are one of them, you will love the Titanic inspired camisole and the rosette skirts. Use mint or pink, depending on the style of wedding and your own color types. Pink is more saturated, which means it will go great with fall and spring gals, whereas the mint is great for the gals whose color type is either winter or summer.

Vintage Style Wedding Dress

Who said old fashioned dresses are boring? Retro will never go out of fashion and still remains the No. 1 choice among all alternative brides!

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