Nataya's Newest Fall Collection. Part II

by Karen

Welcome back, ladies!
Let’s continue with our exciting discussion of Nataya’s newly released fall and winter line, perfect for your vintage inspired occasions!
Last time we visited the exciting looks of the Peggy Sue cocktail dress, Midnight Temptation dress and Downton Abbey Dinner dress. As you may have noticed, these dresses resemble the beautiful 1930’s and 1940’s style, with a healthy dose of Downton Abbey flair.
Here’s the newest lineup of dresses and coats that shine in the classic Edwardian style.
First of all, we’re sure you will love the This One’s for You, Mum dress. At, we cater to you, our beloved customers. And believe it or not, over half of our faithful customers are mothers of the brides or grooms. Especially for these vintage inspired ladies, we’ve included this chiffon and cotton based dress. It will, no doubt, be center of your collection and will top the short list for all family occasions.
Vintage red dress
The Scarlet Winter Formal Gatsby dress just begs to be worn on the most romantic of evenings as well as vintage inspired engagement parties. It exudes sweet seduction and romance.
Scarlet Winter Formal Gatsby dress  in red
The Refined Velvet gown in black, however, comes out very Downton Abbey. It reminds us of the unique style of Lady Mary. The silhouette of the dress resembles the late 1910s and early 1920s, making it a perfect choice for all of your upcoming evening and restaurant parties. You can also don this lovely gown at your engagement party .
Refined Velvet gown in black
The Retro Asian dress, with the true oriental ornamentals and embroidery, is the prized pearl of the collection. Regardless of the color, the style of this gorgeous gown makes it incredibly versatile. Our younger gals can wear it to the prom, while ladies over 25 can live in luxury at the finest restaurants. Brides of any age will look stunning at their engagement party. Mothers of the bride with a petite figure look younger than ever in this lovely gown.
Retro Asian dress in black
The Nataya Emerald Gatsby style dress in 1920’s style has a signature low waist and is an ideal choice for bridesmaids. Needless to say, this dress is perfect for the premiere of the new blockbuster, a classy restaurant date, or your very own engagement party. However, mothers of the bride or groom must pay careful attention to their makeup if wearing this dress.
Nataya Emerald Gatsby style dress in 1920
Another versatile dress is the art-deco party dress. Ideal for mothers of the bride or groom, this gown marks the fantastic line of 1920’s inspired art-deco luxury, which came from the Egyptian style. It is superb for engagement parties or the first night of the newest matinee.
Art-deco party dress
Here come “the twins” of our fall collection. The Nataya 40163 Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver or the same in Black. These two dresses look quite Downton Abbey’esque as well as extremely Edwardian. The signature empire waist and unique embroidery will remind you of Lady Mary and her noble style. Keep in mind the ages of both Lady Mary and her mother. These dresses are for everyone, from the 20-year old girl to 90-year old lady .
Nataya Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Black
Nataya Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver
Here is another pair that is better suited for the younger gals whose ages fall between 20 and 40. These dresses are splendid for the prom, cocktail parties, engagements, at-home parties and fancy dates. The Vintage Style Cocktail gown lives up to its name, as does the Empire Prairie Cocktail gown
Empire Prairie Cocktail gown
Vintage Style Cocktail gown
Lastly, we present you with the small collection of coats to recently join our “army” of coats in the closet.
The red and black Ferry Coat looks both 1930’s to 1940’s and Downton Abbey’esque, depending on the length of the chosen apparel.
Red Ferry Coat
Black Ferry Coat
The next coat is for the brides who choose wedding dresses in pearl, nude, cream, peach, or champagne colors. This noble coat has the appearance of being made of velvet.
Champagne Ferry Coat
The last item of collection is the Stroll Along the Thoroughfare Coat. It is best suited for the mother of the bride or groom. This coat looks amazing with all of our Titanic style dresses.
Stroll Along the Thoroughfare Coat
We wish you a marvelous fall and winter holiday season!

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