Must-Have Items for a Vintage Garden Party

by Karen

Must-Have Items for a Vintage Garden Party For a beautiful vintage affair that everyone will remember, throwing a backward Vintage Garden Party is an exceptional idea. This elegant event is prim and proper in the best way possible, and allows everyone to get dressed up and enjoy a proper English afternoon.

The History of the Vintage Garden Party

A Vintage Garden Party was an important part of high society in the Victorian Era. The tradition of holding afternoon “breakfasts” was started by Queen Victoria herself, and eventually these events became a way for debutants to introduce themselves to the royal court and other important members of society. This remained a common practice until the mid- 1950s, when the idea of debutants drew to a close. From then on, Garden Parties became laid-back soirees that remain a staple of life for members of British nobility.


Tea has long been considered the national drink of Great Britain. In 1840, it was Anna, Duchess of Bedford who decided that tea should be a daily social event that should cause everyone to gather and enjoy pleasant conversation while consuming the popular beverage. Queen Victoria took this idea and added it to her “breakfasts.” Along with tea, traditional finger sandwiches and other treats were served as a mid-afternoon meal. When throwing a modern Garden Party, be sure to incorporate traditional refreshments for your guests to enjoy. Pastries like scones and biscuits with jam are proper treats that will make everyone feel fancy. For something with a little more substance, traditional cucumber finger sandwiches add a touch of class. It goes without saying that tea is a must. Choose your favorite flavors and serve them to guests in gorgeous floral tea cups just like the Queen herself.


Garden Parties are traditionally outdoor affairs, so bring traditional “indoor” elements into the wild for a refined look that combines the best of both worlds. Under the bright, sunny sky, set a beautiful table with vintage-inspired table settings. At the center, add floral arrangements to set the mood and provide lawn games for your guests to take part in. Keep the tablecloths white for a crisp, neutral look. The perfect linen tablecloth is an easy way to create table that is light, airy, and breathtakingly beautiful. Feel free to play around with the napkins and add a pop of color or floral prints, which will liven up your tablescapes and create a picture-perfect look your guests are sure to enjoy. Vintage Garden Tablecloth


Wearing period-appropriate clothing is a fun way to evoke the elegance and grandeur of this era. During the Edwardian Era, women attended Garden Parties on grand estates wearing dignified dresses that were fancy, fashionable, and ladylike. Add this same opulence to your party by dressing up in a Downton Abbey-inspired frock. The perfect look combines layers of lace in long, loose layers and features a lightweight feel that is perfect for early Spring. Embroidery or beading also add a regal, period-appropriate element to your look. Don’t be afraid to add fun accessories to truly bring your look to life. Strands of pearls, lace gloves, and a cute cloche will top it all off and give you the Garden Party look you’ve been dreaming of. Vintage garden party gown

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