Mother of the Bride: It's Important! 

by Karen

When picking a bridal party, the dresses can mean just as much to the overall wedding as the cake. The mother of the bride dress can be a very important detail and adds to the brides' beautiful day. 

The most important lady besides the bride is her mother. She has raised the bride and deserves a little special dress to go along with the day. Now, she can't outshine the bride, but a perfect dress can be found as long it isn't too over the top.

Of course, white belongs to the bride. It is the main attraction in the wedding as well as a tradition. The mother of the bride dress should be far from white and should accentuate her daughter's beautiful gown. Also, along with the bride's mother, the groom's mother needs the perfect dress. The bride should buy her mother's dress before her future husband's mother picks one up that may cause some upset. To avoid any of this, a bride should choose a different color for each of them and if possible, a different style. This will make everyone happy especially the two other important ladies.

The perfect type of dress for a bride's mother could be a free skirt "on the floor" depending on the dress code of the wedding. It could be crumpled, straight or have ruffles to add some personality. The dress could also be to the knee, but not too short that it calls for too much attention. The top of the dress could be anything from sleeveless to long-sleeved. The main focus is the legs according to some wedding stylists because of the attention it can attract.

The color is just as important as the style. Unless the bride agrees, bright colors should be avoided. Calmer colors like blue, grey, and coffee will make a beautiful accent to the bride's pure white dress. Just as said before, it's the bride's special day.

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