The Most Popular Tea-Length Dresses by Nataya

by Karen

What is the tea length? Some advanced fashionistas may answer this question without having to look at a dress. The rest, however, know the answer only when they see a visual example. Either way, the answer is there — the tea-length dress comes down to the calf or shin. Nataya's collection is full of vintage-inspired styles in tea length. By the way, not only dresses but also skirts may be defined as tea length.
Tea lenght vintage style dress by Nataya
These skirts (separate or in a dress) skim the hips and then gradually swell out and make soft waves right at the bottom of the garment. Such dress styles are great for vintage-inspired prom gals, vintage-inspired bridesmaids and alternative brides. This length was quite popular among British and American ladies during the 1800s. Yes, the tea length was born along with the empire-style dress during regency times. Still, the tea length brought true revolution to the world of fashion because ladies could wear shorter pants with tea-length skirts. Historians of world fashion used to claim that the first dresses in tea length were made of light and airy fabrics such as light rayon, cotton, silk and so on. It was commonly accepted that ladies could wear such dresses in public as both regular and casual dresses. The beginning of the Titanic-style era, that is, the 1900s-1910s witnessed the rebirth of the tea-length dress (with the empire-style waist). Of course, the ladies of that day could hardly wear tea-length dresses with a slit — the signature feature by Nataya — yet this was the dawn of a new progressive era in fashion. Nevertheless, the 1920s came to influence the fashion world for many years, giving us the flapper or jazz-length dress (having a knee or over-the-knee length with a low waist instead of an upper empire waist). So, the tea-length skirt was largely forgotten until the 1960s. Nevertheless, some designers were so inspired by tea-length garments during the 1940s that they produced new styles such as the pencil skirt (by Dior). The chief reason for the rebirth of the tea-length style in the 1960s was Givenchy and his designs. He released a fabulous long-length gown for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which can be hardly called a tea-length dress. However, the dresses for Sabrina and the calf-length romantic dresses worn by Hepburn in that movie marked the true rebirth of the tea-length style. Recently, Western ladies in the U.K., Canada, Australia and the United States embraced yet another rebirth of the style. The runway shows of 2005–2012 displayed the tea-length styles of the new tea-length generation. Now, we are glad to present the tea-length bestsellers by Nataya. (You should know, however, that the collections of the great designer have plenty of different tea-length variations) The Nataya Titanic Dress in ivory is still one of our bestsellers. We are glad to present this as the number one choice for many alternative brides.
Nataya Titanic Dress in ivory
If you love to experiment with fashion or want your bridesmaids to wear the same dress as you but in a different color, you will love Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver by Nataya.
ownton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver by Nataya
The Charcoal/Berry Dress in tea length is a great dress for the informal prom balls of the coming spring. If you need a less passionate dress in a feminine color that is tenderer, you will love the lavender/beige model.
Charcoal/Berry Dress in tea length
The Empire (“Black Swan”) Dress looks really aristocratic. This style can be worn for different types of occasions such as a matinee viewing or when you are the guest of honor for a vintage-style wedding.
Empire vintage style black dress in tea length
The combination of jazz style and tea length in a dress is possible! One of Nataya's best designs for this purpose is the Gatsby-Style Dress.


Gatsby-Style Nataya Titanic Dress


The passionate Red Tulip Dress is great for informal spring balls. The tea length of the style is suitable for many figure types.
Red Tulip Dress tea lenght
The Nataya Tulle Skirt plus a tender lace bolero is another great tea-length variation.
Nataya Tulle Skirt White
We hope you will find the right tea-length style for your coming spring or summer affairs!

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