More Easy Vintage Hairstyles

by Karen

Vintage-inspired outfits are even more incredible when they’re paired with authentic styling from the same era. To turn your favorite retro or vintage look up a notch, try styling your hair in a way that references how women wore their hair in the past. These stylish, sophisticated hair-dos are sure to enhance your overall elegance and get you noticed at your next big event. Plus, they’re easy enough for even a novice to pull off. We’ve already covered 6 Easy Vintage Hairstyles, but here are 4 more vintage hairstyles to keep your look classy.


A Soft Updo

If you are looking for an updo that is soft, timeless, and always sophisticated, a tucked-under updo is the perfect pick. A slight variation on the classic Gibson Roll, it has a purposefully undone look that channels the effortless elegance of the early 20th century.

This look requires adding a stretchy, vintage-inspired headband that encircles your head. Once in place, start grabbing 1” sections of your hair and rolling the ends into the headband. Continue until every strand is tucked into place. Don’t worry if you have a few fly-aways – the final look isn’t meant to be perfectly polished.


A Retro Beehive

In the 1960s, beehive hairstyles were a staple. The voluminous updos have a certain spirit that will put a retro twist on any outfit while also setting your look apart from everyone else’s. To create this iconic ‘do, start by backcombing your hair and applying hairspray to the ends – when it comes to this look, lots of volume is necessary.

Then, pull the top section of your hair back and pin it into place creating a noticeable “bump” near the back of your head. If you want to make your look even more dramatic, hide a piece of foam underneath your hair to create a larger-than-life beehive. Pin the rest of your hair around this bump until you create a dramatic up-do. For added emphasis, add a retro headband.


A Straight Pony


If your hair doesn’t hold a curl, you can still create a vintage hairstyle that is luxe and lovely. In the 1950s and 1960s, straight, sleek ponytails were decidedly in style. Start creating this look by making your hair extra straight and adding a smoothing serum.


Once your hair is prepped, create a deep side part and sweep your bangs dramatically across your forehead. Then, gather your hair into a side ponytail that falls gracefully over your shoulder. For added polish, wrap a piece of hair around the ponytail holder and pin it into place. Once again, a vintage-inspired scarf will add extra retro glam to this surprisingly simple hairstyle.


 A Dramatic Chignon


Chignons are French-style updo that will simply never go out of style. Popular during almost every decade in the 20th century, it is a versatile way to enhance the look of any vintage outfit regardless of its era.


To create an oversized chignon, begin by gathering the back portion of your hair into a ponytail and folding it over so that it creates a loop. Then, wrap the front portion of your hair around the ponytail holder so that it is hidden from view. How many different strands of hair you use to encircle the base of the ponytail is entirely up to you – braided pieces add even more texture to this sophisticated look. Once pinned in place, add a jeweled hair clip for even more charm.

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