Modern Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

by Karen

A traditional organ plays its deep melodic notes. The men stand at the front wearing three-piece suits and top hats. When the bridesmaids enter, the guests are amazed. Each bridesmaid looks plucked from a vintage magazine, dressed in classic Hollywood glamour and decked in embroidered 1920s beading. Imagine your wedding with modern vintage bridesmaid dresses – they evoke the glamorous vintage style and fit with modern ease. For the chic-vintage bride, look for these types of dresses to grasp the theme you’ve always dreamed for your wedding.

 Summer Daze: For a summer vintage wedding, dress your bridesmaids in a gown that is both flirty and cool. Keep the dress doll-like and girlish with a vintage empire waist. Look for modern additions, such as cap sleeves or no sleeves and a cocktail length. Blending elements from both eras will ensure that your modern vintage bridesmaid dresses are unusual and practical for the occasion.

Summer Daze Blue wedding dress
 Summer Daze
Put a Spring in your Step: When you want more coverage, look for modern vintage bridesmaid dresses that have added length and sleeves. A dress with vintage sleeves will be flattering to any bridesmaid body type. In addition, the Titanic vintage style dress can be given modern detail such as an asymmetrical hem and loose waistband to maintain an updated style.
Vintage bridesmaid dresses
 Put a Spring in your Step
Glamor and Circumstance: When you want a glittery affair, choose a pastel, glimmering gown for your bridesmaids. Modern vintage bridesmaid dresses such as the Sue Wong short sheath dress combine a trendy hemline and body-conscious sheath style. Added flutter chiffon sleeves keep the dress from being too gaudy or modern to conclude its decidedly vintage air.
Sue Wong short sheath dress
Glamor and Circumstance
The Color is in the Details: Most brides choose the color of their bridesmaids dresses soon after their own. To evoke a vintage style, consider modern vintage bridesmaid dresses that carry the “ombre” look in a unique way. Either two or three hues can be combined in the same dress, such as this Nataya example, which will keep to a vintage theme. Ombre is still a new trend but it is an ideal way to combine the wedding color palette in graduated hues.
Vintage Summer Wedding Guest Dress by Nataya
The Color is in the Details
It’s All Embellished: One way to choose modern vintage bridesmaid dresses is to look for a modern cut designed with vintage elements. 1920s embroidery, Victorian lace and flapper-style beading can all be added to a trendy dress style to combine eras. Nothing about the cap sleeves, v-neck, or hemline of this Sue Wong deco dress would suggest vintage. Combine it with intricate embroidery and beading in a classic art-deco design and you’ve found that happy medium. Plus, we love this chocolate color. Perfect for an evening, fall or winter wedding.
1920s embroidery Victorian style dress
 It’s All Embellished
With bridesmaid dresses becoming more unique, the modern bride doesn’t need to choose between chic and traditional. Modern vintage bridesmaid dresses can be the best of both worlds – fancy, unique and romantically inspired.

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