Makeup Tips for Moms

by Karen

The wedding day is not only a long awaited event for the bride and groom but also for the mothers of the lovely couple. Today, we shift our focus to makeup tips for the mother of bride or groom.
In previous posts, we discussed how to choose dresses and accessories if you are the mother of the bride or groom. Makeup is a key detail that must not be overlooked. Wedding photos will be cherished for years to come, so you want to put your best face forward on this momentous day.
The goal for the mother should be youthful beauty and elegance. Your makeup shades will depend on the time of day that the wedding is held as well as your unique skin tone. For these reasons, it is best to stick with saturated, classy shades using light tones in order to cover fine lines and wrinkles.
Accent your eyes with eye shadow and liner. Focus on upward strokes in order to uplift your facial features. Use lighter shades on your cheekbones and nasolabial folds, which are the lines between your nose and mouth.
Here are some trendy yet timeless palette ideas.
• Silver and blue shades for blue eyed moms
~Lips should be accented with coral or pink
• Smoky or black used for evening eye makeup
~Lips should be colored with a shiny pearl hue
• Dark black or indigo black eyeliner calls for a thick application of black mascara and no eye shadow
~Any shade of red or ruby can be applied to your lips
• Pastel eye shadow looks fantastic on green eyed mothers
~Vintage colors, including sage, grey, mint, beige, peach and lavender
Once you’ve mastered your makeup, it’s time to consider your tresses. Some mothers and daughters like to match their hairdos on the wedding day. Styles may be similar or an exact match.
Consider the season and climate as well. You will want a cool and comfortable hairdo with light makeup that won’t flake or run if you are in a hotter climate. This also holds true if a dance is to be held during the reception. Choose a hairstyle that will stay in place as you move and groove.
Purchase your dress first, and then select your hairstyle and makeup palette. Chat with your stylist to get suggestions. It’s always a good idea to do a practice run with your hair and makeup first.
If you are still unsure, browse the web for videos and tips for hair and makeup tricks. YouTube and eHow are great sources.
May this be a truly joyous occasion!

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