Under Clothes: Make Your Clothes Fit Better: Shapers

by Karen

Intimate apparel used to be about what was worn in the bedroom to be sexy. But, did you realize that assisting the shape of your body with the right under clothes will make your clothes fit better? Body shaping under clothing is one of the greatest inventions of our time, in my opinion. This stretchy material that covers our lumpy areas and makes them smooth again is a real game changer. Now, not only will you look sexy, you will feel sexy too. And how you feel about the way you look goes a long way at making you and those around you happy. In the previous article, we discussed wearing the right bra to improve the shape of your breasts in an outfit. And we talked about how this could even possibly help drop a dress size or two by putting ‘the girls’ in the right place. Well, today’s article will help you do something even more miraculous. Way back when, there were these things called girdles. Today’s shape improving pieces have come a long way. Though the thought is that these garments are used to shrink a problem area, really they are to be used to smooth a troubling area. They come in many different styles, because, let’s face it, not all of us have the same issues with our bodies. Today’s girdles come in a form fitting variety; full body covers not only the stomach area but clear up the sides and down the thighs; the camisole minimizes larger breasts and smooths the oblique and abdominal areas; high waisted briefs with cross points of elasticized material give the rear and abdomen a more flattering shape; and finally, the full slip allows the same firming performance as the full body girdle but is more comfortable under a dress or skirt. Imagine how much better some of these dresses would fit with the proper under clothes like these girdles and shaping wear.

Vintage Inspired Short Dress
Vintage evening dress
Vintage long dress
vintage inspired cocktail dress
Whether you are looking for something floor length and form fitting, a cocktail dress, or a flowing number; getting a smooth shape first will make you feel great in any dress. In the next article on this topic, we will discuss stockings. I think stocking do not get enough attention. What do you think?

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