Light Up the Dark Night with Old Hollywood Style

by Karen

With the weather changing and the leaves turning, we direct our attention to getting you ready for your next big holiday event with the Old Hollywood style inspired Halloween.

Today, we present you with our newly arrived, best selling dresses and accessories to complete your Old Hollywood inspired look.
Traditionally, the Old Hollywood era is considered to fall between the 1910s and 1960s. At, you will primarily see dresses from the silent movies of the 1910s to 1930s as well as the early color movies of the 1940s.
So, let’s get started with the traditional 1910s colors of black and white. The La Belle époque inspired dress is a perfect silent movie dress for both daytime and nighttime Halloween parties.
Old Hollywood Style Dresses
The Peggy Sue is a ruby red cocktail dress that is ideal for a 1930s inspired Hollywood party. If you love the color but prefer the 1940s to 1950s era, then be sure to check out the Othelia dress in ruby.
Ruby red cocktail dress
Our periwinkle dress reminds us of Judy Garland in her role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. It will complete your fairy tale, 1940’s look.
Periwinkle old hollywood dress
The Titanic dress in black and coco as well as the newly arrived Downton Abbey dress in black and champagne are two somewhat similar yet different variations for the silent movie look, with their 1915s signature features. Dark makeup and minimal hair accessories are a must for both of these dresses.
Titanic dress in black and coco
Previously, we chatted about dresses that we carry for various age ranges. The above dresses are extremely versatile and look smashing on ladies of any age. This next one, however, it best suited for the younger gals. The Nataya Vintage style Cocktail Gown brings together a perfect marriage of vintage and modern. Our younger customers are crazy about it!
Downton Abbey dress in black
The Empire Tulle Dress in red is seductively vintage and will make you sparkle at your Old Hollywood vintage party.
Empire Tulle Dress in red
Up next comes an outfit that we used to call our Katherine Hepburn Trousers Set. Indeed, it lines up with the gorgeous style of this Old Hollywood diva. You may pair it with her signature hairdo or choose similar accessories, but rest assured that this is one of the most Old Hollywood’eque outfits in the closet.
Old Hollywood style outfit
Our black, gothic wedding dress mysteriously brings back memories of the Old Hollywood era days.
Black gothic wedding dress
Finally, we finish our Halloween promenade of Old Hollywood inspired style with the Titanic Dress in black and silver. This dress is perfect for 1915 to 1920s Old Hollywood party. It goes so well with both Edwardian style combs and flapper style headbands. The dress look amazing with the modest makeup style of 1915 as well as saturated flapper style makeup. So, if you already have this dress in your closet, all you need to do is show up to the party. If not, come visit today!
Titanic Dress in black and silver
Regardless of the dress you choose for your Halloween party, we know that you’ll light up the dark night with your Old Hollywood inspired style look.

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