Last Minute Prom Dress Ideas

by Karen

As the saying goes, times keeps on spinning! It moves uncontrollably, changing everything around us, the music, the people, fashion, etc... With all this chaos it’s wonderful to know that some things never change, things like the wonderful tradition of Prom. And staying true to that tradition, is the fact that beautiful future graduates the world over are bombarded with dress options that highlight their youthful romance, meanwhile all they want is to look more adult, mature and sophisticated. With the prom likely being their first true ball, many young beauties are faced with a dilemma of whether to wear an extraordinary gown or to pay tribute to tradition. My advice to you ladies is to not be impulsive. Make an adult decision here, paying close attention to the traditions of prom and choose your dress accordingly. Don’t be the one to show off your inexperience by ignoring certain restrictions that have run the test of time. The line is very thin between an extravagant Gown and a gown that simply doesn’t work in the setting. I’m not trying to make you feel bad ladies, even The Hollywood elite and the most notable stylists aren’t immune from a bout of bad taste now and again. The key here is to reach a compromise between your unique individuality and the required demands the Prom tradition. Nataya Titanic Dress

Your Prom dress can be virtually any color, but light-colored accents are certainly the preferred choice. And don’t believe the hype that black gowns are sexy and sophistication. Black is considered rather gloomy and dull these days. In fact, 2011 can be marked as the year of Ivory. The color is now at the pinnacle of popularity, especially when you pair it with classic black accents! Another great trend to come out of 2011 is the asymmetrical hemline bearing a close resemblance to beautiful vintage styles of the roaring 1920’s…oh thank goodness the flapper style is back! The true gift of this hemline is that it makes you look taller and, in effect, more slender, giving a regal note to your outfit! Not bad for a style that’s over 90 years old, huh?! A strict Prom dress code means that it does not call mockery upon itself and should not offend the general public. It also states that labels on clothing of any kind should be avoided (alas, your favorite “I love Justin Bieber” t-shit will get a well deserved break for an evening). Metal rivets and leather are also persona non grata, and fashionable inside-out seams and raw edges are completely unacceptable in evening dresses. Oh and try to exclude frank eroticism, it’s quite distasteful! By now, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed with the forbidden. I urge you not to, my fair ladies because what was once considered taboo is now a regular among common attire. Once upon a time, wearing flip flops on bear feet was considered outrageous, now women wear flip flops with their wedding dresses, which I might add, aren’t even the traditional Ivory!!! My gosh, what has the world come to?!? But I digress, the point is we’ve come a long way and although some of the more racy leathery, rivety-type dresses may not be the acceptable special occasion Prom dress norm these days, at least showing a little cleavage and accentuating our curves is a perfectly acceptable norm! A question I’ve been asked is “are pants acceptable to wear to prom?” Well of course they are! But pants aren’t so easy to pull off as a prom outfit. Take great care in choosing the proper style of romantic pant so as not to look overly conservative. Pants for prom must have flare and style, but again, no rivets, leather, burn-outs or raw edges. Stay formal with a pair of flowy early-century vintage inspired soft chiffon palazzos. Make sure they flow, giving you levity and the airy appearance deserving of the young beautiful princess you are! This will certainly take you to the next level while staying formal and original! As traditional as some of the these recommendations may seem, the classic evening gown is a form fitting and floor-length, open at the shoulders, accessorized with formal gloves and precious stone jewelry. Perhaps your grandmother wore something of this liking to her prom, because today about the only affair an outfit of this caliber would be appropriate to is accepting an Oscar trophy or participating in a royal wedding. Today’s modern style of evening dress has actually taken a spiral back in time 100 years to that of the 1920-1930’s vintage romantic dresses. But here’s a question for you, if since then women have been freed from corsages and tightly wound dresses, then why go back to that? Because the evening gown can now take all the best elements of the bygone eras (remember the slimming effect of the 1920’s vintage asymmetrical hemline?) and incorporate them in today’s progressive society and look as beautiful as ever! Let’s just leave it at that! Enough lessons about history, lets switch our focus back to the topic of prom dress suggestions. For young ladies attending prom, the right decision is to wear a cocktail dress. This means a form-fitting evening gown! The length of the skirt should be casual, from 10 centimeters above the knee to 20 centimeters below. This style of gown offers both beauty and practicality at the same time, one other benefit of such an evening gown is you can wear it for many seasons to come. Wear it to parties, dates, restaurants, friend’s weddings and much more! A cocktail dress in a vintage romantic style will never gather dust in the closet of a beautiful young woman like yourself! So with all these tips, which dress do we recommend? It quite simple ladies! Beauty is not what’s in style, it’s what works best for you! Have a truly fantastic Prom!

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