Last Minute Decorations Can Also Be Wonderful Gifts

by Karen

It is that time of year – the time to be joyful and loving to all you meet. I don’t know what it is about Christmas, but every year I get so excited. The colors and lights really make me happy. But, I am a procrastinator and am struggling to get to the store to buy the gifts let alone to get the wrapping of the gifts done and put them under the tree. Seriously, I just decorated my Christmas tree with the kids Thursday night. In the spirit of my procrastination, I thought now would be a great time for some last minute decorations that can also be wonderful gifts. Most of us have craft items and empty jars somewhere in the house. Let’s put those to some good use. We are going to reuse these items in ways that will make you smile. One of my favorite decorations that I have also given as a gift is a lighted mason jar full of potpourri. The heat from the tiny lights warms the potpourri and give off a wonderful and delicate scent. First, gather some potpourri that has a pleasant scent, a mason jar sans the lid, a square of fabric and sting or yarn or rattan for tying a bow, and a single strand of about twenty five Christmas lights. Plug in the lights to be sure they work. Then, I find that if you put the lights in the jar first, the potpourri will fill in the gaps better. You can add other holiday bobbles to the jar as well. Be sure to leave the end of the cord hanging out of the jar. Place the fabric on the top of the jar and tie a bow around the lip. Another bright idea that comes up a lot is a candle holder. You can use small mason jars or tiny clear dipping bowls for this one. You will also need some tissue paper and good ole white glue and a paint brush. Some glitter helps this decoration sparkle as well. Start by tearing up tissue paper of many color into random sized pieces and crumble it up a bit. Then, brush the white glue on the outside surface of your jar. Lay the tissue paper on the glue without trying to smooth it out. When this project is covered in tissue paper, let it dry. Put a tea light candle in the bottom for a pretty little glow. A variation of this is to brush the dish or jar with the white glue and sprinkle glitter all over it. The glue will dry clear and the light from the tea light candle will dance off of the glitter. These last minute decorations that can also be wonderful gifts are great projects to do with kids or grandkids because they are quick and easy. And even if you make them for your own home, if an unexpected guest stops by, you have a gift to give.

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