Ladies, give this article to your partner for a great gift

by Karen

No really, ladies, give this post to your partner for a great gift. I am going to help them pick out and order the dress you want. But, read no further!

 Guys and gals, are you struggling to find the gift that will set you apart from all the others? Look no further than the Everything your significant other could possibly dream of all at one site.

A great gift A great gift

What do I mean?

Ladies like to feel pretty, confident, and sophisticated when you take them out on the town. And with all the holidays coming up there will be lots of parties for you to take her to. She will need something to wear. What better than an outfit picked out by you?

What to consider?

Are you going to dinner? How about dancing? A party at the neighbor’s house, or the company party at the grand hotel? It matters, trust me. You will want to think about how your lady dresses for each of these occasions and let that help you pick out her outfit.

But, how do I pick out an outfit?

I am really glad you asked that question. First look in her closet; look at the colors and styles of the clothes she wears. Which dresses does she absolutely love? Are they long or short, this is really important as some ladies do not like to show off their knees? Do you like those same dresses on her? Okay, now pick the two that you like and she likes and check the size. Having two garments with the sizes will help you order the perfect dress that will fit.

What about the shoes, don’t all women pair shoes with a new dress?

Yes, they (we) sure do and I can help with that too. First, go back to her closet and look at the heel of her favorite pair of shoes. Get out your tape measure or just guess the height of the heel. If the shoe sits flat on the floor, this is called a flat! Does her favorite pair have a heel only about two inches high, these are commonly referred to as pumps. Now, for some women, over two/three inches is considered high heels. While still others wouldn’t consider them high until they reach four inches. If your partner has a closet full of heel in the four inch or higher realm, do not get her a pair of flats!

Presentation is everything

Now, when the package arrives, be sure to open it up right away. Wrinkles are a nightmare! Hang the dress in the bathroom while you are taking a hot shower, but don’t let her see you do this! When the wrinkles have fallen away, lay the dress casually on the bed. Place the shoes you have chosen in front of the dress. Lastly, include a short note about how lovely she will look and that you love her. It is every woman’s dream to have a partner that can and will go to great lengths to find the perfect gift for them behind their backs. Here is your chance to pull it off!

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