Informal Clothes by Nataya

by Karen

When we describe something as informal, we imagine whimsical fashions, fabrics and colors that one has never seen before. But Nataya’s dresses have always been unique and informal. To distinguish informal from Nataya informal may seem hard. That is why we are highlighting many informal ideas by the fabulous designer Nataya. Some of these ideas are very cool but pricy. Others were forgotten for some reason. Still others are informal ideas that are based on our top sellers. The Bohemian Layers Dress in mint is only available within one month after order. This dress is really informal, but let us ask if such informality ever stopped the true alternative bride? The answer is not usually. The style of the dress may go great with Art Nouveau- or art deco-styled weddings, bohemian weddings, informal Victorian weddings and jazz weddings.
Art-deco style dress

We have mentioned this dress before as a perfect dress for a wedding in the Old Hollywood style. The Porcelain Doll Dress really impresses and recalls Liz Taylor’s wedding gowns, yet the overall look, especially the upper part of the dress, reminds us of the days of the French Revolution. This feminine look really takes the breath away, as the fabrics for the apparel are airy and vivid.

vintage style wedding dresses

Those who prefer medieval apparel or love Victorian-style laces or an informal mix of the aforementioned styles and epochs may discover that the beautiful Victoria Wedding Gown is a perfect set for informal or alternative brides, as well as for a second marriage.
Why not consider the Fairy-Style Wedding Gown in champagne? This dress may support the chosen dress lines for Victorian-, retro-, bohemian 1920s- or glam 1930s-inspired weddings. The romantic look may go great with garden or homemade weddings as well. Certainly, if you plan a wedding for autumn photo shoots or photo shoots with much red foliage in the background, this dress is the true godsend!

informal wedding gowns

Azure velvet and tulle — these may work well for circus-style weddings. We have also noted the option of the “Royal Flirt” Dress for a vintage circus wedding. If you want to wear finger waves as your hairstyle and make something really fit the circus style, you won’t find a better dress than this one.
Azure velvet and tulle style wedding
Another whimsical line by Nataya is definitely her signature line of Titanic-inspired dresses. Want to feel like Rose from Cameron’s movie? Wear one of these dresses. Yes, we keep on saying this over and over again. The dizzy and informal colors of this style of dress should tell you why. The most informal and bestselling Titanic-inspired dress by Nataya is the Vintage Dress in raspberry and charcoal. The vivid, saturated colors of the apparel arouse romantic feelings and take one’s breath away.
Vintage Dress in raspberry and charcoa
Nataya’s Artisan Dress is not only the perfect informal wear for Mardi Gras; it is also great for Victorian-style informality. We are sure that you will like this dress. This gown is another perfect style for vintage and retro prom parties and graduation balls.
Informal vintage Nataya’s Artisan Dress
Looking for an informal dress for an alternative bride? Wear a boho! What can be more informal than the boho or bohemian style of clothes with their spirit of freedom? Be careful, however, as Nataya’s Boho-Style Wedding Gown is only for informal and alternative brides who refuse to follow the accepted conventions!
Vintage style boho wedding gowns
The Romantic Wedding Dress in periwinkle is still on sale and waiting to adorn the happy owner. Informal brides, where are you? Only two sizes are left; thus, this style will be sold out soon, as will the white variation of this popular dress.
Romantic Wedding Dress in white
The Baroque-Style Bell-Bottomed Dress is also on sale. This informal style, which is inspired by old baroque-style dresses but modernized to match the gowns of today, is also available in several sizes. If you plan to look really informal during your graduation ball, you cannot do without this apparel. Be sure of that!
Baroque-Style Bell-Bottomed Dress
We have highlighted only a small selection of Nataya’s informal dresses. Soon we’ll highlight some more because Nataya’s collection is full of informal dresses and outfits. There is everything here to create happy informal occasions.

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