Indian Summer Youthful Wedding Ideas

by Karen

We have been sharing the most offbeat vintage-inspired wedding ideas. Today, we offer you advice on capturing the pure atmosphere of childhood at your wedding because we all have a little child living inside ourselves. Summer is no longer at its hottest, and that means you may have unique garden weddings. To make them even more special and memorable, you may be really childlike and let your whimsical style shine through. Here are some things to consider: Fun Wedding Games, Treats and Ideas • Use a hose to splash your guests. • Give water pistols to all your guests to help them cool off and make them really happy. Note that a wedding with such favors can be really affordable. • Wear a babydoll or childlike dress to make your look fit the chosen theme well. • Use childlike desserts instead of a traditional wedding cake, or make your wedding cake a display of other desserts. These are just a few of the possible desserts you may choose, and you might find others more offbeat and breathtaking: -fruit pizza with crèmes; -fruit and multi-colored ice-cream; -brownies; airy cupcakes with crème and fruit; -multicolored Jell-O in plastic glasses; -and jelly sweets for the favors • Make juice, punch and lemonade the right summer beverages for your childlike wedding. If you don’t want to spoil your guests’ apparel, hand out soap bubble pistols as a way for your guests to amuse themselves and clean up any spills. • All the bouquets for your tables and bridal apparel may include tiny toys. If you don’t like toys, you may use bouquets made of chocolate, jellies or any other sweets. Making these bouquets yourself will definitely save you a ton of money.


The best hairstyles for the Indian summer childlike wedding are definitely hairstyles based on tiny ponytails. Experiment with the ponytails using the many YouTube video guides on how you may do your hair yourself in this ponytail style. This will result in much pleasure when you don’t need to book time at your hairdresser to pick the right hairstyle for your wedding. (Remember, too, that if you dislike the result, you will have to come and book this time again.) This trick will save you a lot of money because you may make the right wedding plaits or ponytailed hairstyle yourself!

The Wedding Dress

Whatever the theme of your wedding, the whimsical wedding dress will always be the center of your affair. The right wedding dress will keep you calm and help all your guests fall in love with you. Below, we have chosen the most impressive vintage-style dresses for summer weddings. These dresses are formal enough for bridal wear, but they will allow you to enjoy childlike desserts and games with hoses and soap-bubble pistols. The Tea Dress in ivory will look great and let any bride feel careless while playing with her guests and her groom. You will have no worry about any event or contest because this dress means that nothing will prevent you from participating in any of the festivities. What is more important—you will definitely remain the bride!
Vintage white dress
The Babydoll Dress in lavender will come out really childlike and summer-carefree-looking! You may make plaits with the tiny lavender flowers and that look will save you money.
Babydoll Dress in lavender
A Nataya two-piece set is also great for active brides who love childhood fun. Pick the right hairstyle for the complete careless bridal look!
Nataya two-piece set childlike wedding
Pick the ivory Bridal Skirt plus any new vintage-styled top by Nataya and everyone will adore your look.
child style for garden weddings ivory Bridal Skirt
The Nataya Wedding Dresses with bubble bottoms may restrict your movements a bit, but they offer a good ratio for the brides who insist on princess-styled dresses that let nevertheless allow them to be active.
Nataya Wedding Dresses with bubble bottoms
Princess-styled dresses
The tea-length Titanic Gown in ivory is the most creative idea for active brides who love look extra classy even during the childlike weddings.


Tea-length Titanic Gown in ivory


Nataya’s Dress in rose/ecru will look great on the brides who want to look playful and truly childlike.
Nataya’s Dress in rose/ecru
Finally, we are glad to present you with the new pearl/tea Wedding Dress by Nataya, which may be good on both alternative brides and their mothers.
New pearl/tea Wedding Dress by Nataya
Do not lose your inner child! Be honest and full of life even at your wedding!

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