How to Dress for a Fall Wedding

by Karen

How to Dress for a Fall Wedding

Fall is now one of the most popular seasons when it comes to hosting a wedding. If you have an elegant autumnal soiree on your agenda and are already planning your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the colors that will be trending at this year’s Fall weddings. Plus, you’ll also find our picks for what you should wear when attending an elegant Fall wedding.

The Beauty of Fall Weddings

“Wedding Season” used to refer to the months of May - August. Beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures used to make summer months the most popular ones when it came to selecting a wedding date. More and more couples, however, are bypassing Summer’s hot and sticky weather and instead opting to celebrate their wedding later in the year. Fall weddings are slowly growing in popularity. Now, September, October, and early November are some of the most popular months when it comes to planning a wedding. The reason for this change is obvious - In most parts of the country, autumn pairs sunny skies with cool, comfortable temperatures that are incredibly pleasing. Another reason many engaged couples are opting for a Fall wedding has to do with the beauty of the natural atmosphere. Changing leaves make for a breathtaking backdrop for wedding photos and even the nuptials themselves. The cozy, calming nature of Fall’s crisp temperatures also make it an ideal time for friends and family to gather and celebrate two lives becoming one. Autumn has also become one of the most iconic times of year. Many people look forward to fall’s distinct colors, textures, flavors, and décor all year round. These decadent and robust design elements provide plenty of inspiration when it comes to creating a breathtaking wedding ceremony and reception that no one will soon forget. While some brides opt for a wedding filled with traditional seasonal touches, others opt for a less literal approach. Instead, they fill their décor with decadent textures highlighted by an opulent, editorial color palette. Even incredibly chic weddings can benefit from antique pieces of décor or other softly distressed details. Rustic or vintage-inspired design elements often feel right at home within Fall wedding thanks to the timeless nature of the season.

Popular Fall Colors

Fall is famous for the warm, rich colors that organically occur in nature. These colors are also incredibly flattering and - when worn to a fall wedding - will complement the weather in a delightfully decadent way. These on-trend tones are the perfect pick if you want to make a fashion statement at an upcoming Fall wedding.


Yellow is a cheerful, summery color that always makes a statement. Moving into fall, however, mustard is the preferred tone if you’re looking to incorporate a golden hue into your look. Perfect for fall weddings, this muted, enchanting color effortlessly complements traditional autumnal colors and décor. With that said, it also makes an elegant statement when it stands on its own. To make a Mustard gown come to life, pair it with metallic accessories. Adding touches of bronze or rose gold to your outfit will make you look even more opulent and refined. Although you want to do so sparingly, dark greens can also complement shades of mustard. Pairing an emerald pendant with a Mustard gown, for example, can make it look even more extraordinary.

Burnt Orange

Although it may seem obscure, Burnt Orange offers up a surprisingly editorial look. This muted shade of orange is exactly the same colors as the magnificent leaves falling from the trees, meaning it will feel right at home at any elegantly styled fall wedding that happens to be on your social calendar. Although less vibrant than a traditional shade of orange, wearing Burnt Orange still requires a bit of confidence. If you’re going to try out wearing this color, be sure to find a gown with a sleek, sophisticated silhouette. This will keep your look current and allow this bold autumnal color act as a statement-making focal point.


Browns were a popular color for fall weddings in the past. Now, however, brown has the tendency to look drab and depressing. A chic, contemporary alternative is Sienna - a rusty hue that contains hints of muted reds and browns. At times, it can even resemble like a dark, dusty shade of coral or pink. This enigmatic color is perfectly on-trend for fall. Although it is incredibly cutting-edge, its warm, dusky undertones make it feel both fresh and familiar. Sienna pairs beautifully with ivory and brown. While you never want to look like you’re trying to out-do the bride, pairing a Sienna dress with antique ivory gloves or a tan fur shawl is perfectly appropriate.


Burgundy is one of the season’s most popular colors. Incredibly captivating, this deep, ruby red color looks good on absolutely everyone. It's incredibly sophisticated and even a little daring. When worn correctly, it can make you look like a bombshell with an impeccable sense of style. Touches of black and gold will bring out Burgundy’s elegant undertones. Gold jewelry or champagne footwear will look stunning when paired with a Burgundy cocktail dress. Similarly, a black clutch or hair accessory will make this beautiful color even more luxurious.

Plum / Merlot

Plum is a color that is truly underutilized. Dark and decadent, it has all of the whimsy of purple while also maintaining a mature and sophisticated essence. Deep red colors with purple undertones - such as merlot, mulberry, or maroon - are also perfectly appropriate to wear to a fall wedding. Plums and reds with purple undertones are incredibly easy to wear. Flattering on a variety of skin tones, they will add color to your look without ever washing you out. Pair a plum dress with opulent metallic jewelry and a bold red lip to take your Fall wedding look to the next level.

Hunter Green

Incredibly luxurious, Hunter Green is a statement-making color that is beautiful to behold and impossible to ignore. Deep and decadent, it is especially flattering on women with creamy golden undertones to their skin or hair. While Hunter Green looks breathtaking in almost any form, it truly comes to life when done in an equally opulent fabric. A Hunter Green dress in velvet, crepe, or satin is an ideal option when it comes to looking stylish at a Fall wedding. Pair it with gold or opalescent jewelry to make your entire look come alive. Dusty Blue This color has truly come into its own in recent years. Dusty Blue is a unique color with a surprising sense of sophistication. Cool and elegant, it mimics the look of a clear sky on a breezy fall afternoon. Its mysteriously dark undertone, however, add depth and dimension to a color that may otherwise look bright and vibrant. Wearing Dusty Blue is a safe and easy choice when picking out options for a fall wedding. To make your look even more elegant, wear a statement-making gold accessory in your hair. Or, add touches of plum to your look to perfectly offset this color’s elegant personality.


Another popular jewel tone, Sapphire Blue is simply stunning. Lavish and refined, this dark - almost black - shade of blue is instantly enchanting. If you have creamy skin, dark hair, or blue eyes, this color is especially flattering. Statement jewelry and gemstones look perfect when paired with a Sapphire dress or gown. Touches of black are also an easy way to give your look even more dimension and depth. Pair a Sapphire dress with a statement-making gemstone pendant and complete it with black pumps and a black clutch.

What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

How to Dress for a Fall Wedding infographicWhen it comes to attending a fall wedding, you simply can’t go wrong with a vintage-inspired gown that has an obvious sense of old-world elegance. These expertly designed gowns from Nataya are simply exquisite and promise to set you apart in the best way possible.

The Mary Darling Dress in Azure by Nataya

This elegant, vintage-inspired dress proves that dusty blue is one of the most exciting and captivating colors one can wear to a Fall wedding. Its striking azure color is enhanced by the contrast lining, while elegant embroidered accents provide the perfect finishing touch. Sheer sleeves and a flattering neckline make it perfect for crisp fall temperatures. To enhance the look further, pair it with accessories that hail from the same era. Pearls, lace gloves, a fur stole, or a statement-making fascinator will play up this frock’s inherently decadent design.

Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Ruby by Nataya

This stylish, sophisticated ensemble features another one of our favorite fall colors. The Ruby hue has rich purple undertones, making it perfect for upscale autumn events. Sheer layers of lavish lace make this design even more decadent. The relaxed silhouette, lightweight sleeves, and intricate embroidered accents further adds to its appeal. To play up this gown’s distinct Edwardian design, use popular trends from the era as your guide. A fresh-faced makeup look and a crown of curls will make you look simply effortless. Camel, gold, or nude accents are also a great pick when it comes to accessories. They will complement the Ruby color from the gown without ever taking attention away from your natural beauty.

Audrey Vintage Style Party Gown in Smoke by Nataya

Some people like to shy away from black when it comes to weddings. If that is the case, consider wearing a muted grey gown like the one seen here. The soft, barely-there color is easy to wear and enhances this gown’s elegant details. The tiered hemline, statement seams at the bust, and lace accents throughout come to life thanks to this designs stunning and elegant sense of style. Grey also gives you plenty of options when it comes to selecting accessories. While any color can be appropriate here, ivory or silver accents prove to be the most breathtaking. Antique silver jewelry or hair accessories will look exquisite with this gown. So too will ivory gloves or booties.

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