How to find your personal style. Part II

by Karen

Who is an elegant lady? Some people believe that elegance is priceless and cannot be purchased with love or money. I’m sure you’ve seen the gal on TV dressed in brand-name clothing, carrying a couture purse, and you are envious of her expensive shoes. But overall you can hardly call her look complete, because something is missing. That something is true elegance. Or conversely, you saw an actress on TV or on a photo shot, she was dressed in an ordinary coat and modest style boots and you admired her…

Take Audrey Hepburn, most of her dresses were tailored in a modest style or in a single color, but we still admire her. No amount of expensive clothing can buy true elegance.

You may say these gals were born special. Old Hollywood celebs debunked themselves, some of them didn’t even deny wearing casual or ready-to-wear dresses instead of masterpieces released by high fashion houses. One fact remains, and it’s that you must wear dress. And that’s it!

1) If you can confess to yourselves your fashion taste is not elegant, try to follow the women of your season and figure types. People around call these women very elegant ladies. Try to guess why these gals are called so. What are their main tricks?

2) Simplicity and modesty are other criteria why a lady can be called elegant. Do you remember the 50’s inspired silhouette from the retro fashion magazines? In general, gals had modest silhouettes to accentuate their personality. If they use bows or accessories, they were always elegant and modest. But they avoided wearing too much jewellery. The corset was laced up with the laces in just one or two colors.

3) The neatness. If a man can afford wearing a badly ironed shirt, the same principle won’t do for any gal… even for the TOP celebrity.

Most men are hardly called experts in women wear and fashion silhouettes. They use only two criteria for their fashion judgment: “she was dressed perfect” and “she was dressed terrible”. But try to listen to those men; in most cases their judgment is true.


Always try to wear your garments properly. Take into account the time of the day and the style of the affair: is it a beach party, beach wedding, opera theatre, sport events, a walk, or a bridal shower party? You will look ugly and strange if you wear sportswear for a dramatic matinee, let alone the opera or ballet. You may also look awkward if you wear high-heeled art-deco style shoes to a forest wedding. Do not forget about your spouse or partner, you should always be up to par with his clothes as well. Try to choose his clothes wherever you can.


The bad old times when all fashionistas were slaves to fashion passed long ago! Too many senseless fashion purchases turn a lady into a clown. That is the reason why so many styles for alternative brides were released. These clothing lines give any gal the possibility to follow her own tastes. Of course, the woman should always follow the latest fashion trends, but still be faithful to her favorite brands. And, of course, any gal should take into account her age and her budgets. Ultra-fashionable gowns may soon be out of fashion whereas the 50’s inspired skirts, art-deco or titanic inspired dresses, boho chic gowns, rockabilly sets are time-tested!
Vintage inspired Nataya dresses in black
The color plays an even more significant role while choosing sets for your wardrobe. That’s why we brought many ideas for your color types. As we mentioned in our previous posts, if you have fair and transparent skin, the deep red, blue, light pink, light green, light lime or yellow colors will be for you. If your skin is very similar to ivory, such colors as light-cyan, light blue, cyclamen and banana should be included. The grey, dark blue or cyan colors, dark and deep green colors will emphasize your ruddy face. Olive green, pistachio green, brown, coffee-milk colors will come out great on gals whose skin is olive in tone. Cyan, blue, dark green, light blue, red and orange are the perfect colors for the dark olive skin. For the gals who have a slight tan we can sincerely recommend wearing dresses in chestnut, light-blue or azure, red and grey colors. The mustard, banana and grey-green colors will be splendid for the gals with a deep or bronze tan. Young gals can wear dark colors while the aged dames should prefer lighter colors.
Vintage Inspired Dress
We already showed that sometimes black looks great on the plump ladies especially when this color goes with a tiny ornament. However, at the same time, the plus sized gals can wear clothes in lighter colors but adding some long vertical elements. And now we wish you to find your own styles using our color guidance and tricks. Being yourself is much better than copying someone from Hollywood!

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