How to dress for different Skin Types: Spring Skin Type

by Karen

In our last blog post,we wrote about choose appropriate clothesfor winter skin types. This time we want to switch to spring skin types. When nature awakens, it starts painting everything around in green, coral, yellow and many other beautiful colors. That is why women with warm tone of skin and warm color of hair were associated with spring. So you are of spring season type if you have:
  • delicate-blue, grey-blue, grey-green, light brown eyes.
  • Peach and warm beige tone of skin, sometimes gold-brown freckles
  • Goldish or golden yellow color of hair

    This skin type has the most in common with colors of awakening nature: delicate green, delicate blue, carrot-orange, grey-blue color of the sky, pale beige, light yellow. Grace Kelly, Gwyneth Paltrow, Fergie are all Spring Season Types. Vibrant colors look incredible on you, but try to avoid snow white, black and most dark colors. Like the winter type, the spring type also has several subtypes: Clear Spring, Light Spring and Warm Spring. Let’s take a little quiz to figure out your exact spring type: You are a Clear Spring type if you have:
    • Blue, hazel or green eyes
    • You natural (not dyed) color is dark blonde or honey blonde
    • Your skin is oftentimes clear

    Your perfect colors are: Clear Red, Hot Turquoise, Black, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Mint, Bright Fuchsia. Try to avoid dusty blue and brown colors.

    clear spring colors

    Discover and wearing the Red Carpenteer Dress of Fuchsia Color will be your best bet. This will let you brighten the outfit as well as bring out your natural colors.

    vintage clothes for clear spring type

    You are a Light Spring type if you have:

    • Very light eyes, skin, and hair. Sometimes they mayeven be pale.
    Your colors are definitely these: yellow-green, lime, clear aqua, periwinkle, powder pink, peach-pink, light grey. Still you should avoid black and dark brown colors. Pink Ballerina Dress by Nataya is the right selection if you made up your mind to keep your mystery and enhance your natural skin colors. light spring colors
     You are a Warm Spring type if you have:
    • Warm blue eyes, Warm hair of honey, straw or light brown colors
    • Warm pink lips

    The most famous ambassador of a Warm Spring type is Nicole Kidman. Amy Adams is also a natural warm spring type beauty.  If your type is Warm Spring then you should choose Golden Brown, Camel, light yellow, light orange, light aqua, purple colors. And also you should avoid fuchsia colors. So be careful: fuchsia is for the True Spring type, yours is golden Brown. Chinese Nataya Skirt and Top will bring out your natural straw colors beautifully.

    spring dresses for your skin type

     The Spring types can choose dropping dresses and classic pants, unless of course you have figure flaws. Stylists always use ordinary light fabrics to dress celebrities,so chiffon, viscose, velvet, chamois-leather and linen fabrics are the directions you should go in. Also stylists use accessories of golden, sand and amber colors. Unlike winter types, spring types shouldn’t wear silver jewelry if they do not want to lose their natural colors. As you may conclude, stylists, unlike fashion designers, don’t invent anything new, they just use the natural advantages of their clients to amplify their beauty and appeal. You may also like:

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