How to Coordinate Vintage Wedding Dresses with the Vintage Bridesmaids Dresses

by Karen

For future brides, a vintage wedding dress is a perfect way to recreate the romantic image of the past. Vintage wedding dresses are not only stylish and feminine, but, unlike the modern models, they are completely unique. Regardless of type of wedding you have, whether it’s a modest family holiday or a magnificent celebration, a vintage wedding dress would complement any bride. Vintage wedding dresses can solve two problems: the need for a dress that is unlike any other, and the need to perfectly emphasize the image of the bride.

If you have decided to go down the aisle in a vintage wedding dress you will need to invest a great deal of time looking for the most beautiful and perfect one for you. The number of choices is huge: from romantic vintage wedding dresses of the Victorian era to the retro glamour gowns of the early 20th century. Really sexy and feminine dresses of twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and sixties can mesmerize the groom, and your guests will remember your garb for a lifetime.

Vintage wedding dresses can inexpensively create the impression that the outfit was sewn especially for the bride: a few extra touches and a little stitched cut to fit the figure and your vintage wedding dress will look like new.

When choosing a vintage wedding dress, you must carefully check the fabric and the general state of the dress. Check it for the presence of stains and how well the dress fits your shape. Sometimes it happens that a vintage dress requires a little maintenance, new enclosures and even patches that wouldn’t enhance your wedding dress. In cases like these, it is better for you to abandon a purchase, and consider buying a brand new dress that is vintage inspired. This option could be the best choice if you do not want to bother with repairs before your wedding.

In addition, you must remember that vintage style wedding dresses should be cleaned very carefully as thin fabrics can be easily damaged. The vintage wedding dress can be found in different places: vintage clothing stores, antique shops, online shops and the best place of all, your grandmother’s or mother’s wardrobe. But of course the largest vintage clothing stores will have vintage wedding dresses from around the world in a variety of styles, textures and sizes. Stay tuned as a list of some of the best vintage dress stores is coming...

Vintage Bridesmaid Dress

Vintage bridesmaid dresses can be the perfect complement to the vintage bridal gowns. When you are choosing a dress, make sure that the color and style of the outfit agree with that of the bride’s dress. Vintage dresses for bridesmaids can come in a variety of styles which is why it’s important that the bridesmaid dresses match the style and fabric of the bride’s vintage wedding dress. The fabric can vary slightly, but the style definitely must match.

The easiest way to find vintage bridesmaid dresses is to go to the same store where the wedding dress was purchased. Asking the seller for help with finding the perfect ensemble is always a good idea as they know their inventory best.

Mary Darling Dress

Like the wedding dress, dresses for bridesmaids can come in a variety of styles: from the Victorian era dress to designs from the seventies and eighties.

Instead of ordering individual dresses for bridesmaids, it’s recommended to find ready-made vintage dresses, which will cost much less and will maintain the integrity of the wedding party as each of the bridesmaids' dresses should be exactly the same.

And finally you have to make sure that the accessories match. Combining a vintage style dress with modern accessories is generally a big no-no, regardless how expensive they are.

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