How to Choose the Right Makeup for Your Vintage-Style Dress

by Karen

Every gal knows that she has the perfect look when she successfully combines the three basics: the right dress, the right makeup and the right accessories. In this article, we’ll reveal several tricks about wearing the right makeup according to the style and color of your dress.

vintage style dresses by nataya

Expressive eyes, sensitive lips and healthy facial color are always in fashion. Even the makeup styled according to the silent film uses an ivory skin foundation instead of pure white. If your face evidences a color imbalance between the vintage-style dress and makeup that you are wearing, you can be sure that the impression will be spoiled!

So, what is the right makeup to wear with each dress color?

Makeup for Black-n-White Classics

The ideal makeup to wear with ivory and snow white dresses is very tender. Golden and beige shades will emphasize your natural beauty. Alternative color variations include the following: violet, blue, azure blue and gray. In this case, you should take into account the natural tone of your skin, and, definitely, you should enhance the facial tone so that your face makes the impression of a young and natural gal. If you wear any blush at all, it should be kept to a minimum. You shouldn’t emphasize your lips, either. It’s quite enough to wear some natural pink, peach or beige lip gloss.

vintage style dresses by Nataya

(the titanic style dresses in black)

The makeup for the black vintage-style evening dress calls for braver steps. Your face must attract others, and that means your makeup should be bold but not screaming. So, you should emphasize either your lips or your eyes.

Nataya Titanic Dress

(vintage style dress in white)

The vintage-style dress in black perfectly harmonizes with many shades — except for some shades of dark green and beige. The lighter shades are more preferable than the darker ones. It is fine to experiment with the makeup for the black vintage-style dress. If you accentuate your lips, you may choose a ripe palette of red shades. The darker blush should be applied, but if you use warm colors, the same palette goes with the blush and vice verse.

vintage style dresses by nataya

(vintage style dresses by Nataya)

Makeup for the Vintage-Style Dress in Red

Purple or saturated red eye shadows will make you into either a vampire gal or a gal who cried for all of the previous night. The red dress needs a neutral pallet of beige and grey colors to complement it. In brief, all darker eye shadows will do.
Vintage style dress in red

(vintage style dress in red)

Your skin should be matte and even; otherwise, your skin makeup will accentuate your allergy or red spots if you have such issues. Do not use much blush, but just barely mark your cheekbones. Your lips should be naturally colored, and they shouldn’t “overlap” or “hide” the color of your dress. If you still insist on wearing saturated colors on your lips, try to pick the lipstick that harmonizes best with the main color of your dress.
Vintage style dresses by Nataya

(vintage style dresses by Nataya)

Here is the number one rule for red vintage-style dresses and makeup: The makeup for the vintage-style dress in red colors should harmonize with the shade of the dress, but it shouldn’t be very noticeable. If you follow this rule, you will look stunning — be sure of that!

The Makeup to Wear with the Vintage-Style Dress in Green

The most widespread mistake that gals make while making up their faces (for the green dress, of course) is to use eye shadows in different green shades. Please do forget this rule about green eye shadows; otherwise, even darker healthy skins will come out looking unhealthy because of the green paleness.

Nataya vintage style dress in green

(vintage style dress in aloe)

The best color variations are formed using chocolate, brown and golden palettes (for the natural-style makeup) or purple, yellow, plump and golden-sand (for the evening-style makeup). Brown is very versatile. Blush and lipstick should be applied according to the natural skin color and the color of eye shadow.

The Makeup for the Deep Blue Vintage-Style Dress

Please do remember one unbreakable rule: the vintage-style dress in deep blue colors and accentuating your eyes go hand in hand. The ideal color for your eye shadow is the same shadow as your dress. Liquid eyeliner is also the perfect way to emphasize your eyes. The lipstick and blush should be pale and of the same color.
Vintage style dresses by Nataya in blue

(vintage style dresses by Nataya in blue)

The blue dress also invites you to experiment with your eye makeup. You may emphasize your eyes with rhinestones or sparkling particles, as these accents definitely go with evening makeup.


So, these are all recommendations to make up your face in the right way according to the color of your dress. Other recommendations will depend on the style of dress and type of the fabric. But when it comes to the style of dress and fabric type, everything will depend solely on your imagination!

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