How to choose the perfect Graduation Ball Gown

by Karen

A Graduation Ball is one of the happiest and the most anticipated events in the every girl’s life. With a vintage graduation dress you can create not only a lasting memory, but also will ensure that the party won’t be spoiled by wearing the same outfit as your best friend. The most popular eras for the vintage prom gown are the twenties and thirties. 1920s and 1930s gowns attract our attention by their gorgeous romantic colors: tender pink, ivory, beige, sky blue and flirty floral patterns. Feminine vintage dresses made of supple silk, chiffon, crepe satin and taffeta are very popular today. You can also use wonderful accessories to complete your look. Accessories such as gloves, a small cap, and vintage jewelry give the vintage style ensemble the finishing touches. vivian-vintage-style-gown-in-ruby-by-nataya

The vintage style prom gown should match your type of figure and the tone of your skin. One can be found in vintage clothing stores, online shops, auctions and catalogs. You should pay special attention to the size of the dress as it should fit your figure perfectly to make the look authentic. And as mentioned before, your vintage graduation dress can be adorned with a stylish mix of new and old accessories. There exist a select few companies that produce reproduction vintage dresses made of modern fabrics. These dresses cost much less than the original vintage gowns and have a look you are sure to love.

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