How about a vintage wedding dress?

by Karen

When a lady feels strangely drawn to the olden times and for some reason knows that no other wedding dress will do besides a vintage piece, then you are not alone. There truly is nothing quite like a vintage wedding dress. With it's fine line lines, intricate detailing, and oh the stories! A vintage wedding dress certainly has a rare appeal equaled by none!

Vintage wedding dress

 It's the victorian, edwardian and other eras that inspire many designers today to recreate beautiful styles of an era that has now been relegated to our memories. Certain designers, feel just as attached to history as you do. Furthermore, certain designers are inspired by it to creat their masterpiece. Nataya, for instance, created the Titanic dress which is a traditional edwardrian style wedding dress used for over a decade at weddings all over the world.

Vintage Titanic Dress

 As wonderful as this Nataya dress is, it wasn't always meant to be a wedding piece. Nataya is a unique talent who first designed the titanic wedding dress as part of a contemporary collection containing a short dress, a long one (the titanic), skirt and two tops. Although all were very good sellers, the Titanic wedding dress is the one that stood the test of time and is still the best selling dress at nataya and the Wardrobe Shop today.

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