High Society Dresses for Small Budgets

by Karen

Family budgets may have increased compared with those of our grandparents, but at the same time we want to have several perfect dresses for different types of occasions. Our grannies used to save money to buy that one perfect dress for their high society formals. We, modern fashionistas on the other hand, save money for spas, hairdressers, deluxe makeup and, definitely, various dresses styled as high society apparel. We also want to look like a lady from high society every time we visit our friends or hairdressers, go to restaurants, etc. So, we want to have more high quality evening gowns at lower prices.
Price has always been one of the advantages of Nataya. All dresses look very “high society” regardless of the trend or affair. We selected only a few gowns for different types of probable occasions. All selections were made from the new Spring Collection by Nataya and our Top-Sellers Short List. We are glad to share these ideas with you. All the dresses are either available or will be available at prices lower than $200! We are glad to present you with the classic, and best selling, version of the Empire Doll dress in black. This version is really great for retro inspired formals, spring proms and gothic-inspired retro weddings. This can have a “high society” effect if you are the sister of the bride or groom and want to emphasize your status. We are also happy to present the new arrival of the Empire Doll dress for the Spring formals or weddings, if you want to have splendid dresses for the bride’s attendants. Plus, the prices of these dresses are just $174 each.
Empire Doll dress in black

high society dresses for small budgets

At the same time, our juvenile customers will love the Empire dress in tea length. They are available in two color palettes: Lavender/Beige and Charcoal/Berry. These models again would make the perfect line if chosen for bridesmaid apparel. The same dresses will look great on dark haired gals and with vintage inspired locks. Not forgetting about the high society line, these dresses will work splendidly for Spring prom if you have a restricted budget and plan to spend 60 percent of your money on spa treatments and makeup artists. Be sure this $184 model will attract attention and all eyes will be on you!

Empire dress in tea length

Are you an alternative bride or a bridesmaid belonging to high society? Choose your inspiration. The antique dress in lavender/aqua is already available and will come out perfectly in your wedding photos. The price, again, is lower than $200. Marine girl from high society – it is definitely all about you!

Antique dress in lavender
The new Nataya wedding dress for alternative brides cost only $189, and this dress will definitely be up to many chosen lines. You can don this dress for beach or cocktail weddings. It will be quite fitting on a wedding day in a family garden, as well. If you want to step aboard while the wedding cruises, it will also turn out to be an excellent choice because it won’t need much space in your suitcase. Choose your own idea and style.
Nataya wedding dress in white
The new Titanic dress in will always look aristocratic, if you are an alternative bride or the bride’s attendant. More often, brides prefer the Titanic line as a symbol of prosperous life and luxury because all models representing Nataya’s Titanic dresses look very “high society” and, thus, expensive. “Crème de la crème” dresses at a price of just $175? Why not!


Titanic dress in chocolate


The ones who prefer the 1920s should not forget we have plenty of ideas for mothers of the brides and honored guests. Let’s recall the black swan gown styles from the high society ballet years in Old Paris. This style will look pretty even on mothers of the brides, and the transparency of the tulle fabric won’t add additional years, even for older ladies! It is available for plus sizes as well. The price pleases as usual at just $186.
black swan gown styles dress

The pink model is for maids of honor while the black model will definitely look perfect on mothers of the brides/grooms or sisters of the brides/grooms. We are hinting at one of vibrant ballerina dresses styled as the high society gown of Victorian or Edwardian days. These styles will never be out of Nataya’s line.

Victorian or Edwardian formal dresses
Victorian or Edwardian dress
Want to look like a true Hollywood star? The Red Carpet Dress in Fuchsia or Ivory is at your service! The Ivory palette works better for brides, while the berry style is great for bridesmaids or gals going to Spring prom full of colors and new people! The price is only $195, which is perfect for the wallet before a big day of expenses!
Red Carpet Dress in Fuchsia

And we completely forgot about the mothers of the brides or grooms. Our mothers go through great pains to look like ladies form high society as well. You may remember one of our best sellers: the flutter sleeve dress for mothers of the brides. The wonderfully unique style and stand-out color will look perfect on any lady over 40! Choose yours today, because the colors and sizes may not be available long. Don’t worry about the price – it’s less than $200, which is quite acceptable for any lady who wishes to have a high-society dress at an affordable price!

Lady over 40 dress

We want you to find your perfect high society gown or evening sets for any type of affair!

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