Gothic Wedding Dresses

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Gothic Wedding Dresses

For most women, their wedding day is one of the most important days in their life. A wedding not only celebrates the love and union of two individuals, but also celebrates the personality and interests of the couple as well. A wedding should be a special occasion both for the bride and groom as well as their family and friends. While most individuals opt for a traditional or formal wedding ceremony for their family and friends, some couples prefer to infuse their unique personalities into their wedding reception event. While it is not necessary for a wedding to have an overall theme, most couples want to make their wedding reception memorable by making it a celebration of a lifetime.

One of the more usual wedding ceremony and reception trends that has become popular over the last five years is the Gothic wedding. A throwback to the Victorian era, these types of ceremonies are often inspired by Victorian, medieval and Elizabethan influences.Whether you opt for a Gothic-style wedding ceremony or something more traditional, when choosing a wedding theme, remember to always select a theme that resonates with you and your soon-to-be spouse. Also, in order to ensure you don’t have to worry on your big day, make sure to select a wedding dress, or in some cases, wedding dresses that enhance your figure and present you at your best.

About Gothic Styles

Gothic fashions evolved from the Victorian era and are inspired by the traditional mourning practices of the time period. While, Gothic fashions reached the height of popularity in the 1980’s punk rock scene, contemporary fashion designers have since adopted the trend - giving modern day Gothic styles a more contemporary and sexy flair.Some types of Gothic ceremonies are influenced by vampire and fairy lore, while others feature Glam Goth influences, which include sparkling fabrics, bright colors and vintage fashions. Gothic-inspired wedding ceremonies share some common similarities, although each ceremony should be unique to the individual couple. Gothic weddings and Gothic wedding dresses usually feature dark rich colors, luxurious fabrics and a touch of the macabre.

Gothic Wedding Dresses: Popular Colors and Fabrics

Gothic Wedding Dresses

While many might think Gothic fashion consists of black on black gypsy inspired clothing, many would be surprised to learn there are several Gothic sub-cultures. Each of these sub-cultures has its own unique sense of style and fashion that can be easily infused into a wedding event. Glam Goth, vampire Goth and punk rock Goth, align with the traditional ideas of Gothic fashion. Wedding dresses inspired by these types of Gothic styles might feature rich fabrics such as burn-out velvets, heavy taffetas and duchess satins. Glam Goth, fairy-inspired Goth and Vintage Goth sub-cultures might opt for softer wedding dresses that feature lightweight fabrics such as peau de soie, velvet, chiffon and lace. Brides may also want to select wedding dresses that feature frayed chiffon and satins as well. If you’re looking for wedding dresses that capture a slightly fairy-like essence, visit to see their Vintage Empire Dress in Ivory. While most traditional wedding dresses are white, Gothic-styled wedding dresses can come in a variety of colors like plums, blacks, reds and grays. Gothic brides who want more traditional-inspired wedding dresses might want to opt for a gown in pale pinks, blues, and yellows that have predominant black accents.

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