Gothic Party Dresses

by Karen

A truly Gothic style is not your typical modern blend of black netting and heavy eyeliner. Gothic romance is based on the life and love of the era of the Bronte sisters. It was an age of mystery and intrigue, an era of female empowerment. This is the essence of Gothic romance. To truly create the right type of Gothic party dresses, remember the details in the cut and style of the dress. Then lean on deep and dark hues for a mysterious effect. We give you some faithful blends of Gothic-inspired dresses that will convey the history of an era with ease.

The Pure Gothic: Nothing evokes the essence of Gothic party dresses like a squared neckline. Pleated satin and a woeful gray romantic hue complete the effect. As if plucked from Jane Eyre's own closet, a pure Gothic dress carries elements from the era. Form mixes with practicality while detailed embroidery covers the overlay. Ideal for the Gothic tea party or any formal dining engagement, you will be finding plenty of events for this lovely frock.

Ideal for the Gothic tea party
The Pure Gothic
A Fated Black Affair: An evening walk through an English garden is without compare. For Gothic Party Dresses, you don't have to choose between feminine design and a depth of hue. Choose a dress that carries the brooding presence of an English engagement such as the Nataya laced black gown. This unique Gothic style combines feminine embroidery with a dramatic formal black overlay. Detailed tulle short sleeves add complexity to keep this dress suited for any event.
A Fated Black gown
 A Fated Black Affair
Regal and Refined: Gothic Party Dresses are often defined by the cut and style rather than color. Take a vintage-inspired length and design with a unique cut to give that evening event a regal and refined style. One prime example would be the One-Shoulder Gown from Nataya. Made with fine and fancy attention, this hue is a quintessential example for Gothic party dresses.
One-Shoulder Gown from Nataya in grey
Regal and Refined
Ebony Love: When you love Gothic Party Dresses but don't want extreme feminine embellishments, your choice must be sure. Take a ruched tulle and chiffon black gown such as our Nataya Tulle dress. This style contains true elements of Gothic design while keeping it practical and simple. A flowing skirt and corded embroidery give the dress a unique style without creating too much frill or fluff.
Ebony Love
Ebony Love
A Corseted Affair: A modernized version of the vintage brooding Gothic dress is always coupled with a seductive allure. The depth of soul and love of dark design, is envisioned in this style. Try a corset-style beauty such as this Vintage Style Cocktail gown. Made with the essence of a corset structure without the added headache of stiff boning, you will be unique for a variety of occasions. As far as Gothic party dresses go, this one will be an alluring and unique style.
Vintage Style Cocktail gown in black
 A Corseted Affair
Gothic romance is so much more than just a dark and brooding demeanor. It is the beginning of feminine strength. Blended with the gray skies and rolling hills of an English countryside, you will have the essence of an era. Whether you have your own party to throw or you're planning the romantic wedding of the century, these should be fine and fancy ideas to truly evoke this dark and debonair style.

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