Give Thanks - It's No Regrets November

by Karen

Give thanks, it's no regrets November, where we make it all easy on you. November is supposed to be a time to give thanks. It is supposed to be a time to gather up the family and spend time making memories and having a good time. This month is a time to start getting ready for Christmas and other holiday gatherings. We are coming up on the final push for the end of the year and have a lot in store for your fashion needs. The holidays are upon you, whether you are ready or not. Take a look at what the has for you. You will not regret you experience with us.

Holiday Party Apparel

Tis the season of the party; so be ready. Do you need a new cocktail dress for the company party next month? Well, don’t put it off; we have a beautiful selection in many styles and colors you are sure to find one that is perfect for just the occasion.
Green dress          Holiday Party Apparel dress
Holiday party dress
Holiday Party Apparel
Or, did you plan a Thanksgiving tea with some friends in advance of the big day? Beautiful and flowing knee length dresses are the way to go. These are also perfect for the family Thanksgiving dinner.
Holiday Party Apparel                   Holiday Party Apparel 
Holiday Party Apparel
Holiday Party Apparel

Winter Wedding Apparel

Like you don’t have enough to look for during the holidays; there are many couples that choose to get married during the holiday season. Don’t fret; we have a full selection of bridal gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, mother of the bride/groom attire; and all the accessories needed to make the perfect winter wedding easy. Here are few to get you started:
 Winter Wedding Apparel in white
 Winter Wedding Apparel
Winter Wedding Apparel white gown
Winter Wedding Apparel
Vintage dresses in white
 Winter Wedding Apparel

Gift Ideas

Like we said, shopping season gets to a full swing this month. Be ready for any and every gift giving opportunity that comes your way. We have all the fashion ideas in one place; from party dresses to jackets, to scarves, to jewelry; you will find that perfect gift for all those on your shopping list. You won't regret filling your cart with exquisite clothing for this holiday season.

No Lines

For no regrets November, we offer the best ideas for all your shopping needs. And, with the colder weather hitting many parts of the country, why go outside just to stand in long lines at the mall or department store when you can sit in your favorite comfy bathrobe and shop right from your computer? Get to browsing the today.


And, this is the best part, you can receive a discount before any of the other stores even announce a sale. November in the US is the start of the crazy shopping season. With Black Friday coming up at the end of the month, discounts are coming from every direction. We would like to start the season off right and offer you 10% off your purchase. How is that for getting the season started? Just enter this code: THX4RDNG

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